Angelina Jolie is not getting "style inspiration" from Selena Gomez to "lure" back Brad Pitt, despite absurd reports. Gossip Cop can easily bust this conspiracy theory and explain how it came about.

HollywoodLife contends in a story, Jolie's "outfits look eerily similar to what Selena Gomez likes to wear Coincidence? Probably." But, the webloid then suggests "she's doing it on purpose" and it's "all about revenge dressing to make Brad Pitt see what he's missing." The webloid goes on to explain that Pitt and Gomez were (wrongly) said to be flirting when they spoke at the Golden Globes last year and claims, based on an article from The Inquisitr, that Jolie is "still hung up on that incident, and allegedly wants to prove to Brad that she's just as cute as Selena."

"Angelina and Selena do have similar styles lately," HollywoodLies, as its nicknamed, further asserts, pointing out, "As it turns out, Selena and Angelina actually own the same dress." Not quite: Gomez wore a sweater dress in late October and Jolie donned a similar one in early November, but the site asks readers, "Do you think Angelina consciously wore the same dress as Selena, or was it just a coincidence?" The fact that the outlet is even asking such a question shows how little it actually knows about any of the stars referenced.

As mentioned above, Pitt and Gomez were not actually flirting and had no real "incident," so there was and is nothing for Jolie to be upset over. That means she has no reason to try to copy Gomez's style in some nonsensical attempt to get Pitt's attention. Additionally, HollywoodLies fails to acknowledge that it's actually fairly common for celebrities to end up wearing similar or even identical outfits, as Harper's Bazaar actually just pointed out days ago.

Now let's look at the origins of these inane allegations. HollywoodLies cites The Inquisitr, but that publication only pointed out this single instance of a Gomez-Jolie wardrobe similarity after Vogue did a piece on Jolie's outfit. And that original article observed that Jolie's style was not just similar to Gomez, but Kendall Jenner as well. Conveniently, though, neither of the other two blogs mentioned the Jenner comparison. Instead, the stories misleadingly only focused on Gomez just to peddle a false narrative about some kind of Gomez-Pitt-Jolie love triangle. It's quite the storyline, but there's nothing to legitimately support it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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