Angelina Jolie has not publicly dated anyone since she announced her separation from Brad Pitt in 2016. While this is due to a desire to focus on her kids and her career, the gossip industry has taken to inventing phony and insulting rumors about her supposed "struggle" to find love again. Here are a few recent rumors Gossip Cop has busted about the allegedly unlucky-in-love actress.

Last June, NW ran a story claiming the Maleficent actress drunk dialed Pitt on her birthday because she was lonely. The tabloid contended that after "a few wines," Jolie gave her estranged husband a call. The exes supposedly spoke for "well over an hour," catching up on each other's lives. "It was the best birthday present, in hindsight, that she could have possibly dreamed of," a supposed "insider" told the outlet. Gossip Cop's own trustworthy source close to Jolie assured us the story was nonsense. In fact, the star had been busy on her birthday shooting her upcoming film, Those Who Wish Me Dead.

Earlier this month, the National Enquirer ran a story with the headline, "Angie Moans She Can't Get A Guy!" According to another suspicious "snitch," Jolie felt that men have considered her "poison" since her breakup with Pitt. "The guys in Hollywood tend to steer clear of women who could be seen as trouble later on," this snitch told the tabloid. "A lot of people think Angie is intimidating and mean-spirited after what she put Brad through." The story was obviously bogus. It's not clear what the Enquirer meant by "what she put Brad through," and the unreliable tabloid didn't bother to elaborate. Moreover, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Jolie, who assured us the story was totally false.

Both of those stories were absurd, but a more recent story from NW takes the cake. Going beyond calling Jolie a temptress or a homewrecker, the tabloid literally turned her into a witch. This article's questionable insider reported that Jolie has turned to witchcraft to help her find love. The star was supposedly "paying late-night visits to psychics and tarot card readers" to see if finding a partner was in her future. She has even considered "casting a 'sweetening spell,' which can help bring love to you," the source reported. Gossip Cop quickly debunked the story by pointing out its obvious ridiculousness - perhaps the tabloid watched Maleficent and confused it for a Jolie biopic. And our source close to the actress once again confirmed for us that the claim was fully fictional.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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