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Is Angelina Jolie "starving for attention" and purposely not eating, all in an effort to paint Brad Pitt as "the villain in their split"? That's the claim in one of this week's tabloids. But the story about their divorce and custody issues is, well, thin on proof.

According to NW, Jolie is "going to dangerous lengths to take down" Pitt. A so-called "insider" is quoted as telling the magazine, "She's starving herself to essentially say to the world, 'Look at what Brad's done to me.'" The same supposed source maintains, "Angie's grabbing handfuls of nuts and berries here and there, but generally it's gallons of coffee and lemon water that gets her through the day." "She seems to think it's her secret weapon [against Brad]."

Further down in its article, after stating how Jolie allegedly wants Pitt to look like the "villain" and is willing to do anything to "take down" her estranged husband, including compromising her health, the tabloid asserts the actress is still "in love" with him. "There's a lot of emotion and history... There are very strong feelings," says the publication's source, who's only identified as a "friend of Brad's." Wait, wouldn't that have to come from a Jolie insider?

There are so many inaccuracies in the story that that particular flub is relatively minor. Basically, the outlet is taking previously debunked claims and adding a few new ones to create its latest angle. And while Jolie and Pitt are battling over their children, starving herself is not one of her tactics to retain primary physical custody. Nor is she digging in deep because she's still "in love" with Pitt.

It seems the narrative about Jolie only eating berries and lemon water came from a Star story 10 months ago that claimed Jolie's friends were worried about her weight. That piece had a source allege her diet consisted of "strawberries" and "hot water and lemon." But the purported explanation for Jolie's purported thin frame in that article was that she "threw herself into work" and would often "forget to eat." It had nothing to do with custody.

Curiously, NW forgot that it previously wrote about Jolie's eating habits earlier this year, and in that report the tabloid simply shrugged out her small figure by noting, "She doesn't care for food," and generally takes "quick bites of [her kids'] hot dogs, donuts or chicken tenders to keep her going." Of course, this is also the same tabloid that recently ran a cover that stated Pitt got a "secret lover" in her twenties pregnant, and that it was a good thing he and Jolie "reached a settlement in their long drawn-out custody case," because "Ange would have used this against him to get full custody." Obviously, every aspect of that was a lie, from Pitt having a "love child" on the way to he and Jolie having settled their custody dispute, which the magazine now says is the cause of her "starving" herself.

The reality is Jolie has been thin for years, including when her relationship with Pitt was perfectly in tact. And to be sure, there were many tabloid covers prior to her filing for divorce that wrongly speculated about Jolie's health. But this latest claim about Jolie "starving for attention," all in an effort to make Pitt look bad is yet another false narrative. A source close to Jolie, who only was able to speak on condition of anonymity, also assured Gossip Cop the premise is 100 percent "untrue."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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