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Does Angelina Jolie's son Maddox believe his mom's "behavior ignited problems" with Brad Pitt and caused the family's rift? That was the premise of a report from exactly one year ago today. At the time, Gossip Cop was told the story was completely untrue, and now 365 days later it's clear Maddox and his mother remain close, and he wasn't turned off by some of her actions.

On May 11, 2018, the National Enquirer and its sister website, RadarOnline, swore up and down that, despite the September 2016 altercation Pitt had on the plane which precipitated Jolie filing for divorce, Maddox suddenly realized that his family's issues weren't a result of his dad, but rather because of his mother's "bizarre behavior." A source was even quoted by the outlets as saying Maddox began to feel Jolie was "the instigator" of the family's problems. The site and the tabloid's supposed insider contended Maddox had done an about-face and was leaning towards moving in with Pitt.

What made the teen switch sides, said the publication, was that he heard his mom "prayed" at the burial site of Pol Pot, the brutal revolutionist who was behind the genocide in Cambodia, where Maddox was born. The outlets insisted that after Maddox found out about Jolie's trip to the mass murderer's grave, he decided he had enough and asked Pitt if he could live with him instead. But, as Gossip Cop noted a year ago, and nothing has changed since then, there isn't anything to substantiate that the actress ever stopped by the grave of Pol Pot, whose Khmer Rouge regime was responsible for the Cambodian genocide, which served as the backdrop of Jolie's movie, First They Killed My Father, on which Maddox was a producer.

More significantly, in the intervening 12 months since that bogus story about Maddox wanting to live with Pitt rather than Jolie, the Oscar-winner and her 17-year-old son have been photographed several times looking happy together. In fact, just three months ago, Jolie accompanied Maddox on a tour of New York University. Also, the magazine and blog that floated the untrue tale about Maddox believing his mom was "the instigator" of the family's issues contradicted itself in a number of subsequent and equally incorrect reports.

Two months ago, for instance, the Enquirer falsely asserted Jolie was moving to New York to get away from Pitt and live closer to Maddox, should he attend NYU. Apparently, the supermarket tabloid forgot it had previously claimed Maddox wanted to live with his dad in Los Angeles. And just a little more than two weeks ago, the magazine and RadarOnline published articles that wrongly maintained Jolie was dying and leaving her fortune just to Maddox and not her other five children.

In that story, it was alleged Maddox was being rewarded with Jolie's $116 million fortune because "he took his mother's side in the divorce" and has been her "right-hand man" ever since. That's a far cry from its piece from last year that claimed Maddox believed his mom's "behavior ignited problems" within the family, and so he wanted to live with his dad. In each and every one of those articles, an impeccable Jolie confidante assured Gossip Cop the tabloid and website's tales were fabrications. And indeed, Maddox never moved in with Pitt; Jolie never relocated to New York; and the actress is not dying and making sure her other five kids "don't get a dime."

It's doubtful when these publications come up with their phony articles that they're concerned about whether their narratives will hold up over time. They seemingly also don't think they'll be held accountable for their poor reporting. And that's precisely why Gossip Cop revisits stories a year later. We look back at claims to remind readers that the next time either of those outlets write about Jolie, it's important to takes those tales with a healthy dose of skepticism because their track records aren't great when it comes to truthfulness and accuracy about her.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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