Angelina Jolie “Desperately Wanted” Colin Farrell, Wound Up “Settling” For Brad Pitt?!

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(Perez Hilton)

Angelina Jolie “desperately” wanted Colin Farrell but had to settle for Brad Pitt, according to Perez Hilton’s latest breathless, abominable “reporting.”

The blogger, who occupies a reality only he can see, claims Jolie was “infatuated” with Farrell when the duo filmed Alexander together nearly a decade ago. Citing “whispers around Tinsel Town” as the basis for his allegations, Perez explains, “Every week they were sleeping together, with her feelings for him growing stronger and stronger.” But Jolie’s emotions “were NOT reciprocated,” claims the sensationalist extraordinaire, who says that Farrell “rejected more hook-ups during the promotion of the film.”

That supposedly opened the door for Pitt, who worked on Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Jolie, initiating the romance that recently became an engagement. “But according to the gossip, she didn’t feel the same kind of maddening infatuation for Brad that she experienced with Colin,” argues Perez. “So it was more like settling… … … … … OMG!” Enough.

Let’s get this straight. Perez wants everyone to believe that he just scored a scoop about Angelina Jolie lusting after Colin Farrell (many, many years ago), then “settling” for Pitt — with whom she’s been with this entire time, has raised children, and plans to wed. And the core of Perez’s bombshell is… what, exactly? He has no quotes. He has no specifics. He has no sightings or dates or third-person accounts. He has no clue.

Of course, that’s long been the case when Perez reports on Jolie…or on Colin Farrell…or on Brad Pitt. What Perez does have is no shame about pretending to have dirt and dressing it up in the most sensationalized terms possible. And just because he’s defaced a photo of the two cordially kissing on the cheek with hand-drawn hearts and the words “wow” and “just wow” (above), it doesn’t make it remotely true.

Regardless, when Gossip Cop asked sources close to Jolie, Farrell and the Alexander production, they laughed off the report. We hear a lot of laughter when we ask people about stories Perez dreams up. In any case, while the blogger may wish to create some kind of retroactive Jolie-Farrell romance and a universe in which Pitt was her second choice, it’s simply not true.

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