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Angelina Jolie hasn't appeared on-screen in a movie in several years, but she remains one of Hollywood's biggest stars. That's due in no small part to the tabloids' fixation on her personal life. Unfortunately, much of what is printed about the Oscar winner is untrue. Below, Gossip Cop takes a look at five recent wrong rumors.

In March, Life & Style published a cover story announcing Jolie was "getting married" to "husband No. 4." The tabloid couldn't identify the alleged groom, aside from claiming he was a wealthy British philanthropist whom she had supposedly been dating for more than a year. It was even said Jolie herself popped the question. The narrative echoed a similar one published last November, in which it was also maintained the actress was getting married. But it wasn't true then, and it wasn't true in March, either. Far from being in secret relationship with a trip down the aisle planned, People reported Jolie was not interested in dating at all.

But that hasn't stopped the gossip media from wrongly linking the star to a number of people, including Channing Tatum, Chris Hemsworth and an unnamed real estate agent. And earlier this month, Star and New Idea claimed Jolie wanted to strike up a romance with Ed Skrein, who will co-star in Maleficent 2, to make her estranged husband Brad Pitt jealous. As Gossip Cop explained, however, Pitt and Jolie are amicably negotiating their divorce. She has nothing to gain by trying to antagonize him with help from another man. Additionally, Jolie still is not dating and prefers to stay focused on her kids and career instead of romance.

Of course, in addition to dragging Pitt into Jolie's love life, the tabloids also tend to do the opposite. In April, for example, Look had a story contending the actor was planning to introduce Jolie to his supposed girlfriend, Neri Oxman. According to that report, Jolie was "aware" that Pitt was moving on with the architect, and there were plans for them to all meet "in the next month." Well, it's been almost exactly a month since that tale came out, and no meeting has taken place. That's because, as Page Six first reported and Gossip Cop confirmed, Pitt and the MIT professor are currently just friends. As such, there's no need for Oxman to be spending time with Jolie.

Meanwhile, just last week In Touch claimed Jolie was "furious" over Pitt's purported plans to have a baby with Jennifer Aniston. With the tabloid insisting the exes were back together and intending to have a child, Jolie was described as "livid," and it was asserted she saw the development as a "slap in the face." But this was all bogus. As reputable outlets have rightly reported, Aniston and Pitt have not reunited. His spokesperson even told Gossip Cop that these contentions about a baby were "absolutely ridiculous." It was equally ridiculous to allege Jolie was upset over baby plans that did not exist.

Another the way the rumor mill targets Jolie is with phony stories involving her kids . Only days ago, RadarOnline and the National Enquirer ran articles alleging she and eldest child Maddox had a falling out, and now he wanted to move in with his father. It was claimed the dispute arose after Jolie supposedly visited the grave of Pol Pot, even though he was responsible for the Cambodian genocide. There was no evidence, however, of the humanitarian recently making such a trip, and through projects like First They Killed My Father, Jolie has shown much respect for her son's ancestry. Maddox even served as an executive producer on his mom's movie. The notion that they were now at odds over the country, affecting custody arrangements, was implausible and unsubstantiated.

Even though Jolie has largely stayed behind the camera in recent years, she continues to be a hot seller for the gossip media. But what readers are often buying are lies that are easily disproven. Gossip Cop remains committed to fact-checking reports about Jolie, and all stars, so fans get the truth instead of fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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