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Though Angelina Jolie is not yet divorced from Brad Pitt and hasn't started dating anyone new, the tabloids keep trying to give her more children. And in at least one case, the gossip media made-up her reaction to Pitt supposedly having another kid. Check out five wrong baby-related rumors below.

In April of 2017, Celebrity Insider claimed Jolie planned to adopt with a nonexistent British boyfriend. The site first referenced a months-old, debunked story about the actress originally planning to adopt a seventh child with Pitt prior to the split. Then the blog used a bogus In Touch cover story about a British wealthy philanthropist to combine the two separate, equally phony narratives into a new, entirely untrue storyline about Jolie adopting with this purported new beau. The website maintained she was "in a rush to finalize her divorce" from Pitt, so she and the Brit could wed and start the adoption process. But the claims were nothing but lies, and more than a year later, the divorce still hasn't been finalized, nor has Jolie adopted.

That June, the National Enquirer used paparazzi photos to allege Jolie was adopting more kids. The Oscar winner had been spotted at the La Brea Tar Pits with four of her children, along with several kids of Asian descent. The supermarket tabloid claimed this was evidence of her "plans to grow her family without Brad," and insisted she was looking forward to "expanding her brood without him." But the magazine wasn't being honest about the facts behind the pictures. The children photographed with Jolie were friends of her daughter Shiloh, who traveled to the U.S. from Cambodia to celebrate her birthday. The mother-daughter duo were showing the group around Los Angeles, not showing off new family members.

The following month, Star ran a story about Jolie having a baby with a "secret lover." The outlet initially gave readers the impression that she was pregnant, before contending the alleged couple were hiring a surrogate. "Angie likes the idea of becoming a mom again," a so-called "insider" was quoted as saying. It was even claimed that Shiloh couldn't "wait to help her mom out with the baby." Glaringly, the publication never provided the name of this supposed boyfriend, or any identifying details to prove he actually existed. This was an entirely fictitious creation, even as the tabloid had the gall to claim he and Jolie had already been seeing each other for "15 months," before she and Pitt even split. Perhaps needless to say, there was no "secret lover" and no baby via surrogate, either.

By March of 2018, the rumor about Jolie adopting with a purported British significant other returned. Life & Style first claimed she and this unnamed man was getting married, and then OK! tacked on the allegation about welcoming a child together. An untraceable insider supposedly told the magazine, "Angelina and her husband-to-be have already discussed adopting another child. He comes from a large family himself and is all for it." Various alleged details were included, such as Jolie's desire to adopt from Ethiopia, where daughter Zahara was born, and her wish for an "older boy" around the age of 10. The questionable source maintained, "If all goes well, by this time next year, Angelina will be enjoying life as a newlywed mother of seven." Once again, this so-called "husband number four" wasn't identified, and by next March, it will be apparent Jolie didn't adopt with a man who doesn't exist.

The tables were turned a bit in May, when In Touch peddled a story contending Jolie was "furious" over Pitt's supposed plans to have a baby with his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. It was said she was "livid that Brad and Jen are back in each other lives," and angry "at the suggestion the two could soon be welcoming a baby together." A specious "source" even declared, "It's the ultimate slap in the face." But as Gossip Cop had already reported, Pitt and Aniston were not back together, much less making plans to have a child together. The actor's spokesperson even told us on the record that the claim was "ridiculous." Adding to this ridiculousness, though, was the added premise that Jolie was upset about something that wasn't actually happening.

Time has proven that Jolie has yet to adopt more kids, and just days ago, a full year passed since it was claimed Jolie was having a baby via surrogate. That still hasn't happened, either. Of course, the actress could certainly decide in the future to give her kids another sibling. But fans shouldn't expect the tabloids to break the news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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