Angelina Jolie Developing Romance With Stuntman On Set Of ‘Eternals’?

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Angelina Jolie in an open backed white dress looks back at the camera with a small smile

By Griffin Matis |

Angelina Jolie in an open backed white dress looks back at the camera with a small smile

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Angelina Jolie is not developing a romance with one of the stunt performers working on Marvel’s Eternals, contrary to one tabloid’s claims. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor. It’s all nonsense.

Woman’s Day alleges that Jolie is “smitten” with a stuntman on the set of her latest film. Citing a “showbiz insider,” the tabloid says the actress is “enjoying a blossoming relationship” with Xavier Lake, one of the stunt performers for Eternals. “It’s put a huge smile on her face,” the supposed source says. “There’s an undeniable spark between them!”

The alleged insider goes on to say that the two bonded over Lake’s support of the #crewmatter movement, which was started after a stunt performer was injured on set and had to fight for compensation after an avoidable accident. This support appealed to Jolie’s humanitarian nature, the tabloid asserts. “Also,” the source adds, “she was taken aback by how handsome he is.”

Jolie is said to be so taken with Lake that she gushes about him in the morning to the various makeup artists on set, saying that he makes getting up for work easier and complimenting his work on the Netflix show Top Boy. The insider even claims that Lake’s become familiar with Jolie’s children. “He showed them some basic stunt moves and Knox, in particular, was incredibly impressed by Xavier’s skills, despite Ange asking him not to put any ideas into his head!”

“It’s been a long time since Ange has felt a deep connection to anyone and while she’s dabbled in dating, it’s not felt right,” the questionable tipster tells the magazine. “At times, she’s admitted to feeling so lonely, she’s wondered if she’d ever fall in love again.” Although the actress is “not rushing into anything,” the source says, “she’s enjoyed having that chemistry and excitement rush again. Her bond with Xavier has re-installed an inner confidence which she lost for a long time.”

“With her divorce from Brad still not finalized and the custody situation continuing, she’s unsure about starting something serious,” the so-called “insider” concludes. “But for now, she’s going with it and enjoying the smile Xavier is putting back on her face.”

It’s surprising that the tabloid describes Jolie as having given up hope of finding love and only dabbling in dating again when, just a few months ago, it was adamant that Jolie wanted Keanu Reeves to co-star in Eternals  so she could start a romance with him on set. Of course, that story also contradicted the magazine’s October claims about Jolie actively considering Johnny Depp as her next romantic target. Either way, it’s clear that the tabloid’s inconsistent “sources” just aren’t able to provide factual insight. An individual in Jolie’s camp assures us she’s not developing a relationship with anyone on the set of Eternals.

Additionally, this isn’t the first time Jolie and Lake have worked on the same project. According to IMDb, Lake was also a stunt performer on Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, which the tabloid neglects to mention. Why would Jolie just now be taken aback by his looks or personality if the two were in similar positions just last year?

Gossip Cop can also track down the inspiration for the magazine’s comments about the two bonding over #crewmatter. Lake reposted an explanatory #crewmatter post from Olivia Jackson, the stunt performer whose injury kicked off the movement in the first place. Another one of the stunt performer’s posts refer to his work on Top Boy. It seems as though the magazine simply saw Lake’s name under the cast list, scanned his first few social media posts for details and concocted this story. The outlet just didn’t bother to take the next step and look into whether or not the claims made sense.


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