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A crazy report from the tabloids alleges Angelina Jolie is returning to the "dark side" to get Brad Pitt back with the help of spiritual rituals. But is it true? Gossip Cop is told no, and that this is just the latest in a slew of fabricated articles.

In its current edition, Star is blaring, "Angie's Return To The Dark Side." The piece contends the "strange, spooky Angelina Jolie that entranced audiences is back," and asserts she's "turning to bizarre spiritual rituals in an effort to fix her life and get Brad back." "Angie has been practicing haunting spiritual rituals with the intention of revamping her life," alleges the tabloid, and supposedly believes that "turning to a higher power" will help "heal her rift" with Pitt. It's specifically claimed she's "returned to some of the trusted practices she picked up during her rebellious childhood and world travels, with the intention of both improving her health and also shifting the resentful energy between her and Brad."

"Angie's into magic spells, and they've actually been working. They may have even helped her to reunite with Brad," a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying. This supposed source goes on to allege that the estranged spouses recently spent time together at a friend's house, and says to the outlet, "They may have already decided to make a fresh start. Fingers crossed!" But if this "insider" was really on the inside, wouldn't he or she know for sure whether or not the stars are reuniting? Gossip Cop, of course, does have real insight and access, which is why we can confidently report that Pitt and Jolie are not reconciling.

Still, the publication and its tipster maintain Jolie has "even encouraged Brad to participate" in her "unconventional methods," like sage-burning and healing circles. "Angie's had a rough go of it, but now she's getting clear on what she wants and getting back to the person she used to be, with a little help from the spirit realm," claims the purported snitch. And the tabloid speculates that Pitt "could be intrigued by his ex's return to her vampy roots." But again, as Gossip Cop has already said and indicated above, the actor has no intention of reuniting with Jolie romantically. Both are simply doing their best to move forward in their own ways.

And Star has proven to be a very unreliable and untrustworthy resource when it comes to the former couple. It was just two months ago that the magazine actually claimed Jolie was having a baby with a "secret lover." Notably, that alleged child and paramour aren't mentioned anywhere in this story about winning back Pitt. Similarly, Gossip Cop busted the outlet around the same time for a made-up cover story about Kate Hudson being pregnant with Pitt's baby. Both pieces were fabricated by the creative minds at the publication, who seem more interested in penning attention-grabbing stories than simply reporting the truth. Of course, if the tabloid had real sources, that wouldn't be such a problem. But Gossip Cop is told this article on Jolie using her "dark side" to get Pitt back is yet another tale that was manufactured purely for sensationalism, not because it matches reality.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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