Angelina Jolie NOT “Desperate” For Brad Pitt Reconciliation, Despite Reports

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Angelina Jolie Reconcile Brad Pitt

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Angelina Jolie Reconcile Brad Pitt

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Angelina Jolie is not “desperate” for a reconciliation with Brad Pitt, despite reports contending she wants him “back.” Gossip Cop can correct this misinformation and explain how it originated.

HollywoodLife is announcing in a headline, “Angelina Jolie Reportedly Desperate For Brad Pitt Reconciliation: Why He’d Never Take Her Back.” For a change, the webloid isn’t guilty of making this up. Rather, it’s guilty of picking up these contentions from a tabloid without bothering to fact-check them first. The claims were initially published by Life & Style, and HollywoodLife saw fit to regurgitate them with no regards to whether they’re even accurate. And, of course, they’re not.

But the site quotes a purported source from the magazine as saying of Jolie, “She’s been in tears over losing him. She’s told friends, ‘I made the mistake of a lifetime.'” The problem, according to these two publications, is that “Brad feels too much damage has been done and she’s tormented him for too long to consider taking her back.” In actuality, the real problem is that this was all manufactured by one outlet and then spread online by another.

What’s particularly mind-boggling is that both places are pretending these assertions aren’t inconsistent with allegations they’ve peddled in the past. For instance, while now running these contentions about one side wanting a reconciliation, Life & Style isn’t acknowledging that it previously claimed Jolie and Pitt were “secretly dating” in May. And HollywoodLife is conveniently forgetting that it fell for that false story and similarly wrongly claimed Jolie and Pitt were back together. If that were the case, why are the two insisting now that she wants to reconcile and he’s refusing? After all, months ago they were already supposedly reunited.

That wasn’t true, of course, and it’s obvious that in addition to not caring about accuracy, these publications don’t care about consistency, either. It’s also obvious that if either had real insight on Jolie and Pitt, it wouldn’t have run wrong information in the first place. But the estranged spouses weren’t back together in May, and one half isn’t pushing for a reunion now. They remain separated, and while Jolie has admitted she doesn’t “enjoy being single,” that doesn’t mean the divorce isn’t going to move forward, Gossip Cop is told. Jolie even told Vanity Fair in a cover story that they’re on the same page and “both working towards the same goal,” which is an amicable divorce.