Angelina Jolie is "crazy" Brad Pitt is "ready to date," and she's "determined to find love first." At least that's what a notorious webloid wants readers to believe. But Gossip Cop can reveal the truth.

The serial fabricators at HollywoodLife claim to have "EXCLUSIVELY learned" that Jolie is being driven "absolutely insane" over the possibility of Pitt dating again, and contends she "doesn't want him to find love before her." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Angelina's hyperaware of what Brad's up to, she's always trying to keep tabs on him... She knows Brad's ready to start dating again. It's a hard pill for her to swallow and that's got her wanting to do the same. She's very competitive and hates the idea of him beating her to the punch."

"Right now Angelina's still not started dating but she has been getting closer to pulling the trigger," alleges the site's supposed snitch. "Hearing Brad is looking to date again made her feel motivated to find someone too. Even though her mind really isn't in that space she hates the idea of 'losing' to him. She's started forcing herself to open her eyes and look around and a few guys have caught her eye." HollywoodLies goes on to state, "We wonder who the sexy actress fancies and who she will end up with next."

Yet just six months ago, the outlet claimed Jolie was not only dating but "prepping for [a] wedding." The online publication insisted Jolie was in a "secret romance" with a "mystery man," but a month later tried to weasel out of its fake narrative about Jolie dating by asserting she didn't have time for a boyfriend and only had a "lover." Conveniently, the blog has forgotten about all those lies so it can now peddle new lies about Jolie wanting to "find love" before Pitt.

The webloid insists she's "about to lose her mind" and "wants to win the race," but there's no real competition between the estranged spouses. In fact, it's HollywoodLies that's really in a race. The site knows fans are still interested in Brangelina stories, so it serves up such content whenever possible, all in the hopes of getting ranked on search engines and scoring traffic. Just transparent as its motivations is the fact that no one close to Jolie speaks to the outlet about her love life.

If the publication truly had such insight and access, it wouldn't have published the prior tales and wouldn't be blatantly flip-flopping now. But Gossip Cop is again told that those close to the star aren't dishing to HollywoodLies on the subject. Furthermore, an insider who spoke on the condition of anonymity maintained that Jolie is not the least bit "crazy" over Pitt eventually dating.


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