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A new report claiming Angelina Jolie got "emotional" after photos emerged of Brad Pitt hugging his Once Upon A Time In Hollywood co-star Margaret Qualley is completely made-up. The fabricated story is from the same site that previously asserted after Jolie "saw pictures" of Pitt with MIT professor Neri Oxman, she was "steaming with emotions," and was also "pretty upset" he was dating Ella Purnell. Of course, as Gossip Cop was the first to note, Pitt never dated Oxman and he hadn't even met Purnell, who's in "Bittersweet," the show he produces for Starz.

Now that you've probably guessed the latest bit of fiction about Jolie, Pitt, and Qualley comes from HollywoodLife, let's examine what the blog contends. According to the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies, Jolie is "suspicious" after pictures were published of her estranged husband with Qualley on the set of their movie, especially after since she herself began a romance with him while making Mr. And Mrs. Smith. To give the impression that it has inside information, the frequently discredited outlet maintains it has a "source close to" Jolie who allegedly said, "Angie knows first hand how incredibly intoxicating and romantic it can be working on a Hollywood movie with Brad," which is why when "she heard about Margaret hugging Brad on set, it immediately made Angelina very suspicious and upset."

Gossip Cop will pause here for a few observations. First, dozens of the site's provably wrong stories about Jolie, including the one mentioned above, assert they come from a "source close" to the actress. So, either the outlet is being easily duped by someone who claims he or she is "close" to Jolie or the blog is manufacturing phony insiders. And one has to question the legitimacy of the supposed "source" who first calls the Oscar-winner "Angie" and then unnaturally refers to her a few words later as "Angelina."

Toward the end of its new piece, the blog points out there are "cozy pictures" of Pitt and Qualley, which it then directs its readers, "You can see here." Basically, the website saw the photos of Pitt embracing his co-star and then made up a bogus narrative about how Jolie got "emotional" after the images emerged, all in an effort to have its readers click on the pictures. Much like so many of its other easily disproven articles, the current one exhibits a few of that outlet's patterns. Its premise is flimsily based on Jolie seeing or hearing about photos of Pitt; its quotations sound fake; and its narrative somehow or another contradicts its previous stories.

Just a little more than a week ago, for example, HollywoodLies similarly crafted a report about how Jolie "regrets" her split from Pitt after he was photographed "looking super sexy on the set of his new movie." The questionable site further blathered about how "maybe it's his hot new look that's inspired her to start missing him." No, it's published pictures of Pitt that inspire the outlet to make up phony scenarios about Jolie's supposed reaction to those images.

The biggest problem with this story and others for HollywoodLies is the truth. As noted above, Jolie never reacted "upset" to the rumors of Pitt dating Purnell, because he never even crossed paths with the young actress. Nor did Jolie have a "meltdown" over Pitt dating Oxman, because there was never anything romantic between the actor and the professor.

Curiously, Pitt has made other movies with women since his split with Jolie in 2016, and only now she's suddenly "suspicious" of him and a co-star? Contradictorily, when the blog was writing last year about the untrue rumors linking Pitt to his Ad Astra co-star Ruth Negga, it again quoted a "source close" to Jolie as saying, "She tries her hardest to stay away from anything on the internet that isn't news related." And now we've supposed to believe she's logged on to the web day and night combing through photos of Pitt? The reality is the actress is focused on her career and six kids, not on photos of Pitt, who Jolie wants to divorce quickly.

Again, the website either has the worst Jolie sources or they're simply manufacturing tall tales. The latter may not be entirely out of the realm. Gossip Cop busted HollywoodLife for fabricating several stories about Jolie dating an unnamed British man. None of those articles were remotely true and neither is the new one that claims Jolie became "emotional" because Pitt was pictured hugging Qualley. It's nothing more than fan fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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