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Angelina Jolie has not reacted to the Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron dating rumors, despite a made-up story from a website that has repeatedly been caught manufacturing articles about the actress. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fabricated report about Jolie being "not happy." We're told the entire premise is "crazy" and "not true."

Not surprisingly, the tale was cooked up by HollywoodLife, a site so well-known for crafting phony articles, complete with bogus quotations that it's nicknamed HollywoodLies. In its latest concocted piece, the frequently discredited outlet maintains Jolie "wasn't too thrilled" about the reports linking Theron to Pitt. The reason, claims the habitually disproven blog, is that the two women have vied for the same parts in movies.

Naturally, the outlet doesn't mention one single role they've both auditioned for because that would require facts, and HollywoodLies often prefers peddling fiction. To back up its make-believe premise, an untraceable and seemingly manufactured "source" is quoted as having said Jolie would be "upset" if Pitt chased a woman "he knows his ex-wife isn't fond of." Let's stop right there, because clearly the tipster doesn't know Jolie or even that much about celebrity news since she's not Pitt's "ex-wife." The couple is separated. An actual insider or half-decent site, which has been following their divorce case, wouldn't make such a blatant error.

The almost assuredly fictitious source goes on to allege that if Theron and Pitt were dating, Jolie would view it as a "betrayal." But the real "betrayal" here is being perpetrated by HollywoodLies, which sometimes claims to get stories from Jolie insiders when Gossip Cop can guarantee you no one in the actress's inner circle is confiding in a blog that has a reputation for making up provably false reports about her. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with Jolie's camp, and an insider who's not authorized to speak on the record confirms the website's tale is both "crazy" and "not true."

As noted above, HollywoodLies makes ups a ton of stories that it contends came from a Jolie "source" and are shown to be falsehoods. For instance, much like the latest claim, the blog made up a similarly phony article about how Jolie reacted to Pitt dating Ella Purnell, one of the leads of the Starz show "Sweetbitter," which he produced. And while it fictitious "source" asserted there was a "spark between" Pitt and the young actress, and it was "not sitting well" with Jolie, the reality was, as Purnell herself tweeted, she "literally never met" him.

There are so many fake news stories from HollywoodLife, such as its claim about Jolie and Pitt getting back together, that it's difficult for Gossip Cop to even narrow down their lies. Off the top of our head, the site fabricated a slew of fake stories about Jolie dating a mystery British lover, who does not exist. And the blog even concocted bogus tales about real-life people, such as its article that Gossip Cop debunked about Jolie hooking up with Johnny Depp after filing for divorce from Pitt.

Recently, Gossip Cop caught the site lying about Jolie inviting Pitt for Thanksgiving. Of course, no legitimate outlet reported that or any of the aforementioned articles because none of them are true. Much like those stories, the current one alleging Jolie is "not happy" about rumors of Pitt dating Theron is also a total work of fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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