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Angelina Jolie did not "pull out" of the movie Come Away, despite an unsubstantiated report. The claim surfaced amid increasingly nasty developments in her divorce battle with Brad Pitt, but Gossip Cop found no real evidence that Jolie has abruptly exited the project. On the contrary, production appears to be proceeding as planned.

In May, Deadline broke the news that Jolie was in talks to star with David Oyelowo in Come Away. The movie is a prequel to both Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, with the characters revealed to be sister and brother. Jolie and Oyelowo signed on to play their parents. Following the website's scoop, fellow trade outlets Variety and The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the project was in the works, with plans to begin filming in the UK, before transitioning to Los Angeles in the fall.

But earlier this week, The Sun announced, "ANGIE QUITS FLICK: Peter Pan movie thrown into chaos as Angelina Jolie pulls out last minute leaving the future of the film in the balance." The paper claimed the movie was up in the air after Jolie supposedly "pulled out at the 11th hour," as production was to begin. "She called producers to tell them she would not be turning up," alleged the outlet.

"Everything was set to get under way this week, it has all been agreed for months. Now nobody is quite sure what is going on," a so-called "insider" was quoted as saying. This untraceable source went on to claim, "The way she is talking suggests she won't now take the role at all." Indeed, the newspaper maintained it was "as yet unclear whether she will agree to return to the role in the future or if bosses will be forced to frantically re-cast the part."

The report came amid new arguments between Jolie and Pitt regarding child support. While the ongoing personal drama may seem like a logical explanation for the actress to suddenly bail on a movie, Gossip Cop was instantly suspicious because not one of the expert trade publications had reported anything at all about her backing out or affecting production. Now Deadline, the same outlet that revealed the project in the first place, reported on Friday that Come Away has in fact started shooting with Jolie still attached.

The site specifically reported, "The pic has just started filming in the UK for seven weeks, followed by three weeks in Los Angeles," and also announced two new cast members. The publication made no mention of Jolie pulling out, even temporarily, or going back on her commitment. If anything, she appears to still be as involved as ever, as she is listed among one of the project's producers, along with Oyelowo.

Though other outlets, such as HollywoodLife and the Daily Mail, picked up the quitting contentions, it seems The Sun got this one wrong. The paper was also significantly mistaken in April when it maintained Jolie and Pitt had settled their divorce, and that their split would be finalized "within weeks." Gossip Cop rightly busted that story at the time, and now several months later, Jolie and Pitt still aren't close to settling.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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