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Is Angelina Jolie attempting to date women? A tabloid is claiming the actress is on the prowl for a woman companion. Gossip Cop can set the record straight on the matter.

According to a recent article by the Globe, the Oscar-winning actress is bitter from failed marriages and is "banning men from her bed." The outlet contends Jolie is being "shoved" back into the dating pool by her six children, only this time, she's looking for a female to "snuggle between the sheets with." "Angie's always considered herself bisexual, and she's had many romances with men and women, but she finds that being with a woman is more her style, especially at this stage in her life," a so-called source tells the publication.

The sketchy source continues, "Her friends are on the look-out for a sensitive 'normal' woman who can keep up with her intellectually, physically, and emotionally." This supposed source adds, "She knows she's led an interesting life, has a lot to offer, and she's very excited to out there and try to meet a true equal, somebody successful, independent, philanthropic, beautiful, and more important, open to new experiences!"

While the actress has been open about her bisexuality in the past, the story is off-base with its claims. The Globe is the sister publication of the tabloid, the National Enquirer, which wrote the exact opposite of this same story just a few months ago. The Enquirer asserted Jolie was on the prowl for men in September with a so-called insider singing a similar song as the Globe is here.

"She plans to go on a date at least once or twice a week and see where it takes her. She's still focused on her family but now there's a huge hole in her life she needs to fill," the alleged insider told the Enquirer. Both papers are owned by the same company and the latest story seems to be inspired by the last bogus article. One claimed the Maleficent star is looking for a man, the other is now claiming she is looking for women. It simply doesn't add up. Gossip Cop investigated the Enquirer's story and debunked it at the time. We're doing the same with the Globe's phony story. It's entirely possible Jolie is opening to dating a woman, but this publication has no real insight into her dating life.

After all, the Globe has been false with its claims about Jolie's personal life before. The magazine was busted by Gossip Cop earlier this year for falsely stating Jolie was "refusing to eat" because of an alleged reunion between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. We looked into the ridiculous story and dismissed it. Reps for Aniston and Pitt have repeatedly assured us the former couple was not back together. The tabloid is simply guessing here.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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