Angelina Jolie NOT “Smitten” With Princess Diana’s Nephew, Despite Report

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angelina jolie princess diana nephew

By Gossip Cop Staff |

angelina jolie princess diana nephew

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Angelina Jolie is not “smitten” with Princess Diana’s nephew Louis Spencer, despite an absurd report that was seemingly manufactured by a tabloid which has a history of publishing fake news about the actress. Equally bad is that it’s been widely spread. Regardless, Gossip Cop looked into the claim, and we can exclusively correct this falsehood.

The original story was published by the often discredited NW and then regurgitated by Yahoo! According to the latter outlet, Jolie wants to be part of “the inner royal circle.” Next, the indiscriminate aggregator asserts, complete with its typo, how the Oscar-winner is “interested in getting closer to Prince[ss] Diana’s nephew, 24-year-old Louis Spencer.” A supposed source is then quoted as alleging, “[Jolie’s] pretty smitten with Louis.”

After the almost assuredly made-up source notes how the “good-looking” Spencer is “young” for the 43-year-old movie star, the tipster maintains Jolie believes she and the late Princess of Wales had a lot in common because of their shared caring and “helping others.” Naturally, neither of the outlets behind this untrue narrative mention anywhere how or when Jolie became “smitten” with the oldest son of Charles Spencer. Was it from afar? Or have they met and spent time together?

The reason that neither offered context whatsoever is simply because the entire premise is fabricated. A mutual acquaintance of Gossip Cop and Jolie exclusively tells us the tale is “utterly ridiculous.” Our same impeccable insider further assures us, “It isn’t true,” before adding, “She’s not dating [at all], and is focused on her children.”

Of course, Gossip Cop busted NW just a month ago when it falsely claimed Jolie was “crushing” on David Beckham and sending him secret texts because they too have “lot in common,” including “beauty and brains.” And one month before that, the very same tabloid untruthfully contended Jolie was dating Keanu Reeves. In that work of fiction, the publication asserted the actress’s kids “love” Reeves, and he’s been “a good influence on Ange.”

Before those bogus stories, Gossip Cop corrected the magazine for wrongly alleging Jolie wanted to date Justin Theroux to get even with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. And still within this calendar year, the outlet also swore up and down Jolie was “crushing on” Chris Hemsworth, and felt the two would have “great chemistry.” It should be abundantly clear that tabloid does not have reliable or possibly real Jolie sources. It remains unclear, however, why Yahoo! would repeat its concocted reports without fully fact-checking.


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