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Angelina Jolie is not in a "revenge romance" with Johnny Depp. In fact, they aren't even dating at all. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk a false report.

Nearly one year after splitting from Brad Pitt, Star contends a "spiteful" Jolie is "getting payback on her ex by hooking up" with her former co-star. According to the tabloid, "seven years after sparks flew" on the set of The Tourist, she and Depp have "finally turned up the heat and thrown themselves into a secret, red hot romance!" A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "The timing makes perfect sense. Johnny finalized his nasty divorce from Amber Heard in January. And while Angie's divorce battle with Brad seems to have calmed down, privately she's still angry."

But the "sexy liaison" with Depp was supposedly unplanned. "After she split from Brad, Johnny's name kept coming up as someone she'd be likely to hook up with, and he started texting her to joke about it," alleges the gossip magazine's supposed source. "The texts got flirtier and flirtier, and Angie decided to step it up and invite Johnny over to her place. Things took off from there, and they've been having steamy meet-ups on the sly for about a month now." Far from being a serious relationship, though, the outlet's purported tipster maintains, "You could call it a friends-with-benefits situation!"

As for why the pair hasn't been seen together, the publication conveniently claims the "trysts" only take place at "exotic offshore locations," like Depp's private island. The tabloid goes on to predict Pitt and Depp's former longtime partner, Vanessa Paradis, would react negatively if they learned what was going on. "I don't think Angie realizes the risks of a romance with Johnny. It could come back to bite her, and hurt her family as well," the magazine's alleged "insider" adds.

But what's actually hurtful to the actress' family is completely untrue stories such as this one, and several others Star has published, such as one in July that claimed Jolie was having a baby with a "secret lover." What's more is that these erroneous contentions about a blossoming romance with Depp aren't even original. Last September, Gossip Cop busted The Sun for inaccurately claiming Depp was "consoling" Jolie after she filed for divorce. And later that year, the tabloid's sister publication, the National Enquirer, tried peddling falsehoods about Jolie and Depp becoming a couple.

The claims, however, were never true, and they still aren't now. "This is completely false," a source close to Depp tells Gossip Cop exclusively. The magazine seems to struggle with accurately reporting on the actor, just like it does Jolie. More than a year ago, we busted a cover story that alleged Heard was pregnant with Depp's baby, despite their split. It was a total lie, and this new story linking him to Jolie is just more lies.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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