RadarOnline Shames Breast Cancer Survivor Angelina Jolie Over Nipples

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Angelina Jolie Nipples

By Shari Weiss |

Angelina Jolie Nipples

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RadarOnline just sunk to an incredible new low. On Saturday, the webloid shamed Angelina Jolie, a preventative breast cancer survivor, over her nipples.

“For The Kids? Angelina Jolie Shows Off Nipples While Meeting Children In Azraq,” reads the headline of a so-called “wardrobe malfunction” photo gallery. The site writes that the Oscar winner’s “fashion choices made more of a statement than she did” as she “put on quite a show” while on a humanitarian trip. How so?

Based on paparazzi photos, the outlet asserts Jolie “left her bra at home on her most recent philanthropic adventure,” and “her nipples were on full frontal view while she spoke at a refugee camp.” It’s all summed up as a “fashion faux pas.” But while the pictures (similar to the one above) do make it look like the star’s nipples are pointed outward, absolutely nothing was on “full frontal view.”

Jolie was fully-clothed in a long black dress, and RadarOnline has no clue what was or wasn’t underneath it. In fact, the webloid seems to have no idea that the actress underwent a double mastectomy just three years ago, along with breast reconstruction. To now try and shame her over the appearance of her chest is, quite frankly, disgusting.

As one of the site’s own commenters notes, “She’s had a double mastectomy, underwear can be unbearable due to scarring and nerve pain. Shame on you.” Another reader replied, saying, “I agree. This is an awful article written by ignorant staff. Most likely Angie’s wearing prosthetics which is common after a double mastectomy. Radar, do your cancer research before posting something this hateful.” Gossip Cop agrees, too.

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