Angelina Jolie does NOT have a "new man," despite a sensational report. Gossip Cop can debunk the story.

RadarOnline blares in a suggestive headline, "Look Of Love: Glammed-Up Angelina Jolie Flashes A Grin As She Moves On With Another Man." The article begins, "While Brad Pitt's world has been ripped apart following his divorce from Angelina Jolie, she appeared to be doing just fine on March 11. But is her glowing look due to her new man?"

The actress and her children were photographed at LAX. Because Jolie appeared happy, the site asserts a new relationship is the reason why. "Jolie, who recently broke down on camera about her split from Pitt, may have already moved on with a new hunk," contends the webloid.

The unscrupulous outlet points to "photos of Jolie spending time with a mystery man while she was in Cambodia promoting her passion project last month. The duo were caught sneaking out of her hotel at one point." Of course, these are the same pictures that were published earlier this month by RadarOnline's sister publication, the National Enquirer, which used the snapshots to falsely claim Jolie was dating a "mystery man."

But, as Gossip Cop reported, this "handsome stranger," as the webloid now describes him, was nothing more than a bodyguard. He and Jolie weren't "sneaking out" of a hotel. He was escorting her around town. Gossip Cop doesn't doubt that both outlets know this, but still rather sensationalize the innocent photos. The site even asks readers now, "What do you think about Jolie letting another man get close to her kids?"

Well, Gossip Cop suspects most people would be happy Jolie has a security detail for her children, who are inappropriately followed by paparazzi all over the world. RadarOnline, as it often does, is just twisting the situation to look like something it's not for the sake of clicks and traffic. Jolie didn't have the "look of love," nor does she have a "new man." She simply flashed a smile with her kids in an airport. It doesn't get any less salacious than that.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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