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Angelina Jolie is angry Neri Oxman met her kids with Brad Pitt, according to a completely wrong report. Gossip Cop can bust this story, which comes from the National Enquirer. The contentions are based on multiple false premises.

The first false premise is that Pitt and Oxman are dating. As Gossip Cop has reported, as his spokesperson has confirmed, and as credible outlets like E! Online have noted, Pitt and the MIT professor are "strictly friends." People also recently reported that while Pitt is happier these days and casually dating in general, "there hasn't been any talk about a special someone."

The second false premise is that Pitt's children and Oxman have met. But if they aren't in a relationship, there's no need for his kids and the architect to be introduced. In fact, "Entertainment Tonight" has also reported that though Pitt is a "changed man," he "definitely isn't ready to settle down any time soon" and "is in no way ready to get serious with anyone." It makes no sense then to allege Pitt is serious enough with Oxman, whom he isn't even in a romantic relationship with, to have her spend time with his kids.

So before we even get into the specifics of this article about Jolie being upset, it's clear the narrative is bogus. But to be fair, the exact claims should still be examined. The story begins by alleging Jolie "exploded" upon learning the scholar "met Brad's brood during a FaceTime session" while Oxman and Pitt were "together in Cambridge, Mass." To be clear, this supposed "meeting" was allegedly long-distance over a video chat, not in person as the headline ("Brad's Kids Meet His Gal — And Angie Hits The Roof") leads readers to believe. So-called "sources" are then quoted as collectively saying that in the wake of the call, "Angie's livid that Brad's brought his new lady into their children's lives."

Jolie's "reaction to Brad bringing Neri into the picture" is further described as "nothing short of volcanic," with one alleged insider contending, "Angie would be thrilled to break up his little romance." But again, as explained above, there's currently no "romance" at all." It's also telling that the supermarket tabloid fails to mention exactly when this purported "FaceTime session" with the kids supposedly took place. Pitt visited Oxman at MIT last fall, a meeting that was captured on camera and shared on social media when it happened in November. But there have been no verified sightings of him in Cambridge since then.

And on top of having no evidence to back up these claims, the magazine concludes by repeating the already debunked allegation that Pitt and Oxman are designing a "love nest" together. The actor's own spokesperson went on the record to confirm there was "no truth" to that assertion nearly a month ago. So in addition to the false premises detailed above, the outlet is also using an old, wrong contention to fill out this tale.

Conclusion: While the National Enquirer alleges Jolie is "irate" that Oxman has "met" the kids she shares with Pitt, the publication has no proof that this FaceTime meeting ever happened. In contrast, credible media outlets have reported that Pitt and Oxman are not a couple, so there is no reason why he would be introducing her to his brood. As such, it is illogical to claim Jolie is angry about a nonexistent "romance" and introduction. Earlier this week Gossip Cop even busted the tabloid's sister site, RadarOnline, for wrongly contending, based on the same false premise that the pair is dating, that Pitt was ready to have Oxman and his kids meet. We have determined this similar story to be just as untrue.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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