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Angelina Jolie Nanny Tells All


A new tabloid cover story claiming a nanny for Angelina Jolie and her family has told "all" was made up. Gossip Cop can expose this latest fabrication.

The fictional tale comes from OK!, which is trying to lure readers this week with a sensational cover blaring, "Angie: The Nanny Tells All!" Inside the issue, a headline announces, "Inside Angie's Struggles As A Single Mom." According to the unnamed "former nanny" quoted in the accompanying article, Jolie is "killing herself" as she cares for the six children she shares with Brad Pitt, and "barely has time to take care of herself."

This purported "caregiver," who the tabloid claims "until recently worked part-time for the star," alleges Jolie "doesn't eat anything other than cereal" because she is so preoccupied with the kids. "Maddox was very moody, and would go out of his way to make things difficult. Even for a teenager, he has a pretty big attitude problem," the supposed source asserts to the gossip magazine.

But while this alleged tipster insists to the outlet that Jolie is a very dedicated mother, a so-called "longtime family friend" expresses disapproval. Noting Jolie's recent Vanity Fair cover story, this supposed pal claims, "Angie's not telling the whole truth. Those kids are a handful, no matter what glowing words she uses to describe them. Sometimes she lets them eat junk food for breakfast, and she's basically given up on set bedtimes." The alleged insider further contends Jolie "sometimes refuses to let the kids call" Pitt.

The article as a whole is essentially two conflicting narratives, with part of it portraying Jolie as a committed mother taking care of everyone but herself, and the other part suggesting she's incapable of adequately caring for her family at all. But there's reason to doubt the authenticity of both versions, and the sources who supposedly provided the information. Nannies who work for not just the Jolie-Pitt family but virtually any celebrity family are typically required to sign non-disclosure agreements. Dishing to a gossip outlet like this would be in violation of such a contract.

And though the alleged nanny isn't named by the magazine, Jolie would obviously be able to figure out who spilled based on the publication claiming the caregiver is a former employee who worked part-time for the family. No real nanny would open themselves up to a potential lawsuit like that. It is similarly far-fetched to believe a "longtime family friend" is also spilling to the tabloid, especially with such negative statements. A true family friend wouldn't talk to the gossip media at all.

There's further reason to doubt this cover story's legitimacy. It was published just one day after OK! posted an article online claiming Shiloh is begging Jolie for friends outside of the family. In addition to none of those suspect assertions being mentioned now, but Gossip Cop was assured just hours ago that the magazine does not have real insight into the family. On the contrary, OK! just seems to make it all up, such as its March cover story wrongly claiming Jolie wanted Pitt back, and its false April cover story about Pitt's "life with my kids." There's no doubt Brangelina covers still sell, but the tabloid is selling phony information.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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