Angelina Jolie is not "crushing" on a "mystery man" nor is she getting married, despite a report manufactured by a webloid with little credibility. Gossip Cop can not only debunk the seemingly fabricated story, but we can also explain how it originated.

According to HollywoodLife, Jolie is a "smitten kitten" who is not just "ready to re-marry," but was already "crushing" on "future-husband number four" before she and Brad Pitt even split. The site quotes a so-called "source" as saying, "Angelina began crushing on her new man before she even broke up with Brad." The repeatedly discredited blog further alleges Jolie met her "new guy... while she was still married."

Despite supposedly having a "source" on the subject, it's telling that the outlet doesn't seem to know name of the "mystery man." Rather, he's described with vague generalities, such as the online publication's purported tipster claiming he possesses a "generous, philanthropic spirit," and has "political ambitions." The webloid's alleged snitch goes on to assert, "Angie feels her new guy, if it works out, could propel her out of Hollywood and into the next phase of her life, the serious political arena."

The first clue that the story is 100 percent fake news is that the site can't even keep track of Jolie's name when it made up its source quotes. At one point, the inveterate fabricators at HollywoodLife have their concocted "source" say, "Angelina began crushing on her new man," and then later that same seemingly manufactured insider tells the webloid, "Angie feels her new guy..." No real person would call someone they know by two different variations of the same name.

Regardless, HollywoodLies is seriously wrong again. There is no "mystery man" whom Jolie is planning to wed. This fake groom was invented by In Touch, which ran a made-up cover story this week about Jolie "getting married" again in the wake of her separation from Pitt. The unreliable site not only seized on that lie, but also added to it by crafting its own "exclusive" about Jolie supposedly "crushing" on the (imaginary) guy since before the Pitt breakup.

This is what the webloid does: It takes a topic from elsewhere, and pretends to suddenly have insight on it, yet the assertions rarely turn out to be true. For example, after Star (wrongly) linked Jolie to Jared Leto earlier this year, HollywoodLies acted like it was magically knowledgeable about their romantic connection. Of course, as Gossip Cop pointed out at the time, all those stories about Jolie and Leto were made up.

Now the same exact stunt is taking place, but with a "mystery man" in place of Leto. Gossip Cop was already told by one of our rock-solid sources just days ago that Jolie was not marrying, nor was she even dating. It seems more than likely HollywoodLies fabricated its own story about this "mystery man," considering he doesn't exist.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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