Angelina Jolie Not Moving To London, Writes People Magazine Months After Gossip Cop Exclusive

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Angelina Jolie Moving London

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Angelina Jolie Moving London

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Angelina Jolie has no plans to move to London, Gossip Cop exclusively reported in December. Oddly, People reported it as if it were news on Tuesday, and even boasted about what it termed an “exclusive,” with a headline very similar to our original article (below).

In its piece, the magazine reports, albeit three months late, Jolie is not relocating with her family to London. The outlet even pats itself on the back, claiming to have “multiple sources.” Would the publication’s best and main source be Gossip Cop? It seems that way, since on December 6, we stated fairly clearly in the first sentence of our exclusive, “Angelina Jolie is NOT planning to move to London.”

At the time we first reported the news, Gossip Cop was busting a TMZ story that falsely alleged the actress was taking her kids to live in England. And as opposed to People’s supposed “sources,” Jolie’s own rep told us back then that “there is no plan to move to London.” What’s more, while the rep noted the actress had other projects in the works, a “move was not one of them.”

Of course, Gossip Cop is not entirely surprised that People followed us on this story. We’ve been way ahead of the magazine with a number of articles. In fact, we’ve been scooping them on their own “Sexiest Man Alive” covers for years.

Angelina Jolie Moving London

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Angelina Jolie London Move


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