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While the tabloids typically focus on Angelina Jolie's personal life, the gossip media sometimes tries to mix business with pleasure. That means manufacturing stories not just about the Oscar winner's relationships and friendships, but also her career. Check out five wrong movie-related rumors about Jolie below.

In June of 2017, the National Enquirer peddled a pun-filled tale about Kristen Stewart replacing Jolie in a remake of Bride Of Frankenstein. A so-called "snitch" alleged Jolie was "endlessly creating monster delays," which supposedly led producers to believe she "obviously wasn't dying for the part." Maintained this clearly fictional source, "Execs suddenly rebelled at her witchiness, so now they're bloodthirsty to sign young Kristen to flap her sexy cape." But when Gossip Cop investigated, we learned Jolie was still in talks for the film, and that Stewart's name hadn't come up at all. We recently observed that a full year had passed since the supermarket tabloid claimed Stewart was replacing Jolie in the movie, and it still hasn't happened. In fact, the flick is still in development.

Last November, In Touch claimed Jolie snubbed Margot Robbie at the Hollywood Film Awards. It was claimed that when younger actress introduced herself, Jolie icily said "I know who you are," and then "turned her back," leaving Robbie "shocked" that her "friendliness wasn't reciprocated by Angelina." Jolie's supposed disinterest was attributed to a "grudge" held since Robbie starred in The Big Short, which was produced by Brad Pitt. Gossip Cop already debunked baseless speculation about Robbie contributing to the couple's divorce, and this narrative was just as phony. Vanity Fair reported on both Jolie and Robbie being at the Hollywood Film Awards, but made no mention of a negative interaction between the two.

In March, the Daily Mail led fans to believe Jolie's professional and personal lives had a nostalgia-filled collision when she took four of her kids (Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox) to see the Tomb Raider reboot starring Alicia Vikander. While the claim quickly spread to outlets that didn't bother to fact-check, Gossip Cop discovered Jolie had actually brought her children to see Love, Simon. Her family outing had nothing to do with her past as Lara Croft. Unfortunately, rather than issuing a retraction or a correction, the paper simply rewrote its article. But as readers themselves can see, the URL for the story still contains the wrong information about Jolie going to see Tomb Raider.

That same month, OK! offered a report that alleged Jolie and Frances McDormand were not only secret best friends, but planning to team up on a movie together. According to the magazine, the duo "really connected" at the Golden Globes earlier this year, and "bonded over being adoptive mothers." It was said they were now "bouncing project ideas off each other," with plans to produce and star in something together. A rep for McDormand, however, told Gossip Cop they had nothing in the works. It seems this story was only concocted because Jolie presented McDormand with her award at the Globes and gave her a celebratory high-five and hug.

In June OK! was at it again, but with a less heartwarming storyline. This time, the tabloid claimed Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer were feuding on the set of Maleficent 2, where Jolie was supposedly making it known that she's the "boss." Asserted a purported insider, "They're both really stubborn, and on days when they're not on set together they try to ignore each other. The atmosphere is getting pretty frosty." But while this article was based on a single anonymous, untraceable source, Pfeiffer's spokesperson told Gossip Cop on the record that the contentions were "not remotely true." It should also be noted that co-star Elle Fanning showed off on Instagram Jolie's on-set silliness, as opposed to any frostiness.

These examples show that beyond false stories about Jolie's love life, particularly her ongoing divorce from Pitt, the tabloids can't even report on her film career truthfully and correctly. That's why Gossip Cop will continue to bust any and all wrong rumors we come across.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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