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Is Angelina Jolie about to wed a British billionaire in France? That's the premise of a new, yet unoriginal report from one of this week's tabloids. Gossip Cop, however, can debunk this story. We're told it's completely untrue.

Life & Style's latest cover story claims the Maleficent 2 star has been secretly dating an unnamed British billionaire and now the two are preparing to wed in France. A so-called "source" tells the tabloid Jolie was hesitant to get married for the fourth time, but she's "crazy" about her mystery man. The questionable insider goes on to explain that they'll say "I do" at Chateau Miraval, her home in France where she also married Brad Pitt in 2014.

As the anonymous "source" explains, "The hideaway is in the middle of nowhere so they can have all the privacy they need." After the wedding, according to the outlet, Jolie will move to France permanently, which is just a two-hour flight from her unknown love's home base in London. "He'll spend weekends with her and can work from anywhere in the world from his laptop," adds the supposed tipster.

It should be noted that Jolie is still finalizing her divorce from Pitt and cannot legally remarry until that is done. The tabloid's "source" also seems to know almost everything about Jolie's life, from her upcoming wedding to where she plans to live. But the alleged insider is missing one important detail: The name of this billionaire boyfriend. Are we really expected to believe the magazine knows all of these details, but not his identity?

In fact, other than him being rich and British, the tabloid provides very few details about Jolie's mystery man, such as his age and physical appearance. The magazine also doesn't bother to mention how the actress met her "future husband" or how he amassed his fortune. He's a "businessman," according to the magazine, which doesn't explain what business he's in. Additionally, Gossip Cop busted the very same magazine in March 2018 when it falsely reported a nearly identical story about Jolie marrying an unnamed British millionaire. Seems the only thing that has changed since that claim is his bank account.

Gossip Cop reached out to an incredibly reliable Jolie confidant who, on condition of anonymity, tells us exclusively the magazine's report is 100 percent "not true." This same Jolie source has previously told us the actress is focused on her career and her six children, and is not dating some make-believe boyfriend.

It bears mentioning, Life & Style has spent the past several months maintaining that Jolie is dating Justin Theroux. The magazine kicked off those bogus romance rumors back in October, and two months later claimed Jolie and Theroux went on a secret vacation to Cabo together. In January, the tabloid claimed Jolie had introduced Theroux to her six kids.

Gossip Cop has repeatedly debunked the ongoing narrative surrounding Jolie and Theroux, and the magazine's latest article makes no mention of the phony scenario. Not only are the tabloid's stories false, but they're also inconsistent. Regardless, we can confirm the actress isn't walking down the aisle in France with her (nonexistent) British billionaire boyfriend.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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