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Angelina Jolie's oldest child Maddox left for college in South Korea last month, resulting in many false tabloid stories about how the actress is coping with her son leaving home. Gossip Cop has debunked several takes on the subject in the short time since the 18-year-old went to school. Here are a few wrong rumors we've corrected.

In late August, the National Enquirer published a fake story about Jolie being on the verge of a nervous breakdown over Maddox going to college. While it's true that any parent would be somewhat emotional when their first child moves out of the house, the tabloid took it way too far. Citing totally anonymous "moles," the magazine incorrectly stated that Jolie was "slumped into terrified helplessness" and absolutely devastated at the thought of her five younger children also "fleeing the nest" in the future.

In reality, Jolie was emotional during her goodbyes with her son, but she was just as full of pride and happiness for him. The actress felt no more "devastated" than any other parent. In fact, a handful of reputable outlets rightly reported that Jolie had encouraged Maddox to go to college in South Korea and pursue his passions.

Just a few days later, NW published a similar piece about Jolie being forced into rehab for eating issues as a result of how "traumatized" she was by her son's move. The thought of her other children leaving home, said the tabloid, "left her crippled with anxiety." The publication then claimed the actress refused to eat, leading to her being put "on watch by a 24/7 medical team." Gossip Cop checked with an individual in Jolie's camp, who assured us no one in her circle was concerned about her health, nor was the actress sent to rehab.

Just days after that, RadarOnline falsely reported Jolie was desperately searching for a serious boyfriend because her son's departure left "a huge hole in her life." The blog claimed the actress was seeking out "potential suitors" as a way of filling the void. Unsurprisingly, the gossip site didn't bother to address the other five other children still living with Jolie. Still, Gossip Cop ran the claim by our source in Jolie's camp, who reassured us it was totally false.

Shortly afterwards, the Enquirer came up with a nearly-identical piece about Jolie being "on the prowl" for men now that Maddox was out of the house. The magazine's phony source said the actress planned to "go on a date at least once or twice a week." The outlet further alleged that Jolie had directly approached several men she knew personally, and even had "business acquaintances" trying to find her dates.

The tabloid never explained why Jolie would approach business partners to help out with her love life. As for the multiple men that the actress supposedly asked out, the "source" didn't have a clue about who they were, or when and how Jolie approached them. That's because the scenario was complete fiction.

In September, OK! Australia pitched the false idea that Jolie had "set her sights" on Bradley Cooper to cope with Maddox going to college. The tabloid used similar language as the previous stories, vaguely referring to a "huge hole in her life she needs to fill" and her search for "potential suitors." Much like the other pieces, the tabloid's article was totally made-up. A Jolie insider told Gossip Cop that the actress wasn't pursuing any relationships, let alone one with Cooper.

The gossip media just desperately wants to print stories about Jolie, but they're not satisfied with the truth, which is why this narrative surrounding Maddox going to college was invented. The actress's son leaving home hasn't impacted her mental state or her love life. Gossip Cop will continue to debunk these phony reports, no matter which one of Jolie's children moves out of her house next.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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