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Is Angelina Jolie really "looking for dirt" in Brad Pitt's life? That's what being claimed in a new story that has neither evidence nor original reporting to back up its claim. Gossip Cop investigated, and we've determined it's all untrue.

According to the often unreliable Celebrity Insider, Jolie has been "digging and snooping to get dirt on her estranged husband." The site says it has learned this information from "reports." Nowhere in its approximately 450-word article, however, does the outlet mention where these "reports" are about Jolie trying to find "dirt" on Pitt.

Instead, the repeatedly disproven site continues on, noting that it's "being claimed that Jolie is interrogating their mutual friends to find out if he is dating and who are his new pals." The site adds that Jolie's interest has been piqued by "rumors" that Pitt has been "linked to several Hollywood bombshells." Naturally, the blog was so busy writing its piece with such non-specific words like "reports," "claimed," and "rumors," that it also neglected to name the "Hollywood bombshells" to whom Pitt is supposedly being linked.

As if it weren't already apparent that the website knows nothing and doesn't have one single source to back up its assertion that Jolie is "looking for dirt" about Pitt, it then simply states that a "source" says, "[Jolie] knows Brad's ready to start dating again... She is very competitive and hates the idea of him beating her to the punch." The same unnamed "source" further relates that Jolie "hates the idea of 'losing' to him. She has started forcing herself to open her eyes and look around, and a few guys have caught her eye."

Wait, Gossip Cop has read those phony quotations before. And since the website didn't mention where those remarks came from originally, we had to spend nearly a full 60 seconds fact-checking to find out the outlet ripped off its Jolie and Pitt misinformation about dating from the equally untrustworthy HollywoodLife. Good grief!

In fact, with the exception of changing the quotes a tiny bit and adding the angle of Jolie "looking for dirt," a phrase not mentioned by HollywoodLife, there's nothing original or accurate in the new Celebrity Insider article. Much like its source for material, the website is doing nothing more than trying to dupe readers and search engines for traffic. There is no actual reporting, evidence, or real sources in its story.

Conversely, Gossip Cop looked into the claims, and we've learned from an actual Jolie insider on background that she's not "looking for dirt" on Pitt nor is she competing with him over who starts dating first. At present, despite a slew of false reports, including a recent one about Pitt dating Ella Purnell, the actor has not been involved with anyone else.

You'll recall there were false reports that Gossip Cop was first to debunk that claimed Pitt was dating Sienna Miller and Elle Macpherson. But more significantly, Jolie is not looking for "dirt" on him. On the contrary, not too long ago Jolie told Vanity Fair in a cover story interview, "We care for each other and care about our family, and we are both working towards the same goal."

Interestingly, even though Celebrity Insider alleges that Jolie is forcing herself to "look around" for new men to date, it seems to have forgotten that it previously rewrote another HollywoodLife fabrication about Jolie dating and adopting a baby with a (nonexistent) "British boyfriend." Of course, as Gossip Cop proved at the time, that was untrue and the current article is similarly inaccurate.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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