Angelina Jolie Did NOT Reveal “Why I Really Left” Brad Pitt, Despite Claims

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Angelina Jolie Left Brad Pitt Reason

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Angelina Jolie Left Brad Pitt Reason

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Angelina Jolie has not revealed why she “really left” Brad Pitt, despite claims circulating among tabloids and webloids. The stories allege she has blamed their divorce on the actor’s drinking, but Jolie never made any such public statements. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

New Idea is trying to trick readers with a deceptive headline on its website. “Ange reveals: Why I really left Brad,” reads the article’s title. Jolie has spoken about her split from Pitt in Vanity Fair and elsewhere, but she has never publicly claimed that his drinking was the cause of their split. And the Australian tabloid doesn’t actually have any quotes from Jolie, despite the implication in its headline.

Rather, the gossip magazine has picked up a report from the widely-discredited Globe, which is a sister publication of the National Enquirer. That outlet has a purported source saying, “The truth is, Brad drank too much and too often. Sometimes he’d drink himself into a fury. He could be a scary, mean son of a gun and it tore up his family. Brad’s boozing and verbal abuse caused anxiety, and his behavior was building up to a break.”

New Idea further quotes from the magazine’s alleged tipster, “They all suffered during Brad’s out of control benders, and Angelina had it all spelled out in the divorce papers. That’s why Brad wanted the divorce papers sealed. He was terrified it would get out and spoil his golden-boy image.” But Pitt and Jolie agreed to seal their divorce documents back in January. It makes no sense for information about what they supposedly contain to be leaking more than 10 months later.

It seems simply because Jolie filed for divorce after an alleged alcohol-fueled incident on a plane, New Idea is citing the Globe’s story as proof that she “finally pulled the plug on her marriage to Brad last September because she’d had enough of his violent rages and alcohol binges.” But the fact remains Jolie never actually said this, contrary to the site’s headline, and there is zero evidence that the any of these contentions are authentic.

New Idea also has a history of misleading readers in this way. Earlier month, for example, the tabloid falsely claimed Pitt was “explaining why” Jolie supposedly won’t let him see their kids. The headline featured online declared, “Brad Pitt finally tells: What Ange did to me – and why I can’t see the kids.” But just like with Jolie now, Pitt didn’t “tell” anything. Rather, the publication picked up an already-debunked Star cover story that was based on a “source,” not anything the actor himself said. It’s bad enough to spread illegitimate contentions. It’s even worse to falsely pretend they’re coming from the stars themselves.

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