Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Fighting Over Kids’ School?

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Angelina Jolie Kids School

By Shari Weiss |

Angelina Jolie Kids School

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are NOT fighting over where their kids should go to school, despite a tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct the story, which is a transparent attempt to add more drama to the couple’s divorce.

A headline in the new issue of In Touch announces, “Angelina Rejects Brad’s New Custody Deal,” with it being alleged the actress is “fighting” his “latest efforts to bring more stability to their kids’ lives.” According to the story, their six children have “no routine” and are “homeschooled by a rotating group of educators and tutors.” It’s said Pitt “wants to put a stop to it now,” but Jolie is “standing in his way.”

“Brad is insisting they enroll the kids in a traditional school in L.A., but Angie’s team rejected the idea,” a so-called “insider” claims. The supposed source goes on to contend that the family’s therapists “agreed with Brad that the kids should go to a regular school… but Angie won’t budge.”

The alleged tipster asserts that Jolie “hated school and doesn’t think there’s any private school in L.A. that’s good enough for them,” so she rather “continue to raise the kids with global awareness.” But Pitt has supposedly countered by arguing “Angie needs to work on her issues about traditional schools, not take it out on the kids.”

“He and his team are currently scouting out the best private schools in the L.A. area, and he wants to involve Angie in the process,” the magazine’s “insider” says. “He is hoping she will come around. But if she doesn’t, their entire custody battle will play out in family court.”

That certainly sounds dramatic. But this new angle is a seemingly fabricated one. Jolie hasn’t “rejected” any “idea” about the kids’ schooling because education isn’t a topic on the table at this time. Right now, the estranged spouses are still trying to negotiate the basics of physical and legal custody.

A source close to Jolie confirms to Gossip Cop that this is actually an issue that has not yet been brought up or addressed at all in the custody battle at this point. Our impeccable insider also asserts that much of the time when the kids were traveling abroad, and therefore not in a traditional school, was a result of Pitt shooting in foreign locations. It remains to be seen if and how that will change in the future, but In Touch simply doesn’t know what it’s talking about here.

That’s not surprising. It was just last week that the tabloid tried to dupe readers into thinking Jolie had to “hand over” the kids to Pitt after he won custody. As Gossip Cop has repeatedly said, nothing has changed for now.

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