Truth About How Angelina Jolie Raises Her Kids

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By Hugh Scott |

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When it comes to Angelia Jolie’s parenting, the tabloids act like they are all-knowing and are very judgmental. They are also usually wrong. We’ve found five stories that Gossip Cop has busted about the actress’s supposedly poor parenting skills.

Earlier this month, the Globe published a crazy story claiming Jolie forcer her children to wear hand-me-down clothes and eat cheap food. The tabloid quoted a “source” as saying the actress’s kids felt self-conscious about their wardrobes because they’re “hanging out with celeb friends like Millie Bobby Brown, who’s dressed in head-to-toe designer garb.” 14-year-old Zahara was said to be particular bothered because she “wants to be the next fashionista but is embarrassed to be seen in public in her variety-store clothes.”

According to the “insider,” the issue was so severe that it was “causing the children to resent their mom and her ‘cheap’ ways,” which included feeding them “TV dinners, canned soup and frozen hot dogs [Jolie] picks up in bulk.” The story was completely untrue, as Gossip Cop was assured by a source close to the actress. In fact, there are tons of photos of the kids getting dressed up for movie premieres and other red carpet events.

Even more serious than feeding her kids cheap food was the dangerous and totally false claim that Jolie lets the kids drink behind Brad Pitt’s back. That story, published by OK!, quoted what the outlet claimed to be a former nanny, saying, “Angelina thinks she’s being a cool mom by treating them like adults,” and “she’s a mom who’s very distracted by her personal problems and her work, which is a recipe for disaster.”Jolie’s camp called the baseless charges “untrue.” As we noted, the exact same storyline was first floated in October 2010 by OK!’s sister publication, In Touch. That report also featured an alleged interview with Jolie’s “nanny,” who made many of the similar claims that were recycled nearly a decade later.

In 2017, Gossip Cop busted OK! for making up a story about Jolie’s kids being trapped in her “prison” amid her ongoing custody battle with Pitt. According to the outlet the actress had “a team of six nannies, four security guards and 14 lawyers indirectly tasked with keeping the kids away from Brad.” The magazine further contended there were security guards tasked with making sure the kids “don’t try to run away,” while “the nannies keep the kids entertained, but also report back to Angelina if they ask about their dad.” In addition to Jolie’s camp denying the story, reputable outlets such as People magazine and E! News reported around the same time that the actress was continuing “to support the reconciliation of the children with Brad.”

Woman’s Day published a bizarre story about Jolie trying to spoil her kids to win them over in her custody battle with Pitt, rather than imprison them, like the other tabloid claimed. According to the magazine, the kids had been sneaking out in the middle of the night to see Pitt, so Jolie tried to distract them with fun activities.  The publication failed to mention the fact that Jolie has always spent quality time with her kids, and the custody proceedings haven’t changed how frequently she and the children go out. The group regularly attends movies and visits theme parks, regardless of the status of the custody battle. Even worse than that, though, the tabloid assumed that Jolie’s time with her kids was nothing but an attempt to manipulate them to spite her ex-husband.

RadarOnline, meanwhile, took a fairly vicious jab at Jolie in August 2017 when they tried to refute an interview Jolie gave about taking cooking classes for her kids. The blog’s “insider” called her a liar and insinuated that she doesn’t even like food and can’t cook anything. “She thought she was top chef but she should think again,” said the site’s source.

The latter half of that insult was even more unnecessary than the rest, since Jolie clearly stated that she wasn’t a good cook in the interview in the first place. Rude comments aside, Gossip Cop did run the story by our source in Jolie’s camp, who clarified that it was all incorrect. The actress had indeed taken cooking classes specifically for her kids. The tabloids should stop trying to mom-shame Jolie, who is doing a great job with all six of her children.


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