Angelina Jolie Nervous About What Her Kids Will Read Online About Her?

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Angelina Jolie online searches kids

By Michael Lewittes |

Angelina Jolie online searches kids

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Angelina Jolie is not terrified about her kids doing online searches about her, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can correct this manufactured claim. We’re told she’s not concerned and has always been honest with her kids.

According to the National Enquirer, which mocked up photos of Jolie and Brad Pitt’s children Shiloh, Paxton, and Maddox in front of laptops, the actress is allegedly nervous about what her kids will “read on the internet about a troubled years.” The repeatedly debunked supermarket tabloid quotes a so-called “mole” as saying, “When the kids were younger, Angie and Brad implemented an internet band.” “For the most part, it succeeded in restricting negativity from their lives.”

The supposed insider contends since “everyone in the world needs to log onto the internet for pretty much everything,” Jolie’s new “fear is her brood will discover dirt about her split from Brad, as well as her pass romances with actor Billy Bob Thornton and lesbian love, mmodel-actress Jenny Shimizu.” The purported source further claims in unnatural language, “The older kids are logging in and reading the nitty-gritty details about their parents’ troubled marriage, plus the dark secrets about their mom and dad’s pasts.” “Angie winces when she imagines what the kids are seeing about her during those online searches,” adds the misguided “mole.”

While all very juicy, the story is untrue. Gossip Cop hears Jolie is not concerned about what the kids may find one day while online, because she feels she lives her life out in the open. An impeccable insider tells us the tabloid’s premise is off-base. Should her children find out, somehow or another, about parts of her past that she hasn’t already told them, we hear she’ll be forthright with them.

Of course, the Enquirer’s record with Jolie has been pretty dismal. Just a couple of months ago, Gossip Cop called out the tabloid falsely claimed Jolie weighted 87 pounds and was sick. In reality, the magazine used a photo from 2014 and digitally altered it to make her arms appear much thinner.

That story was a total fabrication, as was an article last week that wrongly maintained Jolie was wasting away after Brad Pitt rejected her. And the current report is equally unfounded. A Jolie insider assures Gossip Cop that the actress is unfazed by what her children one day may find online about her.

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