Angelina Jolie’s Kids Did NOT Nearly ‘Knock Over Dinosaur Bones’ At Museum, Despite Fake News

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Angelina Jolie Kids Museum London

By Andrew Shuster |

Angelina Jolie Kids Museum London

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A report claiming Angelina Jolie’s kids were so unruly during a visit to London’s Natural History Museum that they nearly “knocked over dinosaur bones” is completely untrue. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this fake news. We’ve learned that the actress was there with Knox, who was by no means out-of-control.

RadarOnline, however, claims all of Jolie’s six kids “wreaked havoc” at the London museum on July 28 during what was meant to be a “quiet and educational” afternoon. According to the blog, the six children “almost knocked over a priceless display of dinosaur bones” and “also tried to grab a piece of moon rock.” The situation supposedly got so bad that security guards had to step in and order the actress to take control of her brood.

An alleged source tells the online outlet that Jolie’s kids were “bored” by the museum, so they started acting up by “running around and trying to touch the displays despite signs everywhere saying they were not to be messed with.” Security finally “chastised” the actress and her children when they almost destroyed the dinosaur fossils, says the website, which concludes, “Jolie and the kids soon left the museum after the scolding.”

Gossip Cop, however, checked in with a member of the press office at London’s Natural History Museum, who “never heard” of such a crazy scenario having taken place. After investigating the situation further, museums officials told us on the record that the “incident did not occur.” Had such outrageous behavior actually taken place, and security guards were needed, it stands to reason there would have been lots of photos and local news reports of the alleged “havoc.”

Jolie and her kids are photographed nearly every time they step out in public, and especially when they go on special excursions. Earlier this year, for instance, Jolie and her kids were photographed at the Louvre Museum in Paris. In May, Jolie was pictured with her children at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.

Gossip Cop has learned there are a couple of photos that were surreptitiously taken of Jolie and Knox at London’s Natural History Museum on July 28, but the images show the two of them very calmly standing in the gift shop. Curiously, only RadarOnline is reporting all six Pitt-Jolie kids were there and “wreaked havoc” at a dinosaur exhibition. If a wild incident like that took place, there most assuredly would be pictures of that as well. But no one has tweeted anything like that.

Not surprisingly, The Inquisitr picked up the report without even bothering to fact-check it. Instead, it simply regurgitated the fake news story, asserting Jolie’s entire brood was “nearly kicked out” of the museum for “misbehaving.” Not once did they reach out to the museum or Jolie’s rep for a comment, like Gossip Cop did.

To recap: Gossip Cop has caught RadarOnline telling a tall tale again. The blog provides zero evidence that all six of Jolie’s kids were unruly at London’s Natural History Museum last week. On the other hand, we’re told by the museum’s official press office that the “incident did not occur.” As also noted above, had Jolie and her kids caused a scene at the museum, the blog wouldn’t be the only one to have noticed, and there would have been lots of photos, much like the pictures of the actress and Knox in the gift shop. And just because The Inquisitr repeated the phony claim, it’s no more accurate or remotely true.


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