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A story claiming Angelina Jolie's kids are "disappointed she's dating again" was made-up. Not only was this purported "exclusive" manufactured, but it's also untrue. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

HollywoodLife is boasting it has "exclusive details" on how Jolie's children with Brad Pitt are "heartbroken that she's moved on to dating a new man and won't be reconciling with their dad." But there's clear signs this was all concocted out of thin air, particularly when the site asserts Jolie is "reportedly quietly seeing a handsome older realtor." First off, that contention has already been debunked. Second, the site's story is supposedly based on a "source close to the actress." If the blog really had a "source," it would know that Jolie is not dating anyone, much less a real estate agent. It would not be repeating another outlet's wrong claim with "reportedly" and then embellishing it further. Still, let's take a closer look at the specific allegations.

"Angelina's kids are disappointed now that [their] mom is dating again," the aforementioned "'source" is quoted as saying. A few sentences later, this almost assuredly fictional insider switches to "Angie" to claim, "Angie hasn't introduced the kids to anyone new yet... When she dates, Angie tells the kids she is going out for work dinners." How, then, do the children know she's supposedly dating?

It's vaguely suggested that the "older ones know what is really going on," but never explained how exactly, making it all the more confusing when the seemingly invented tipster goes on to assert that Jolie "still wants to keep the truth from them as much as she can." It's also strange that the online publication maintains she "doesn't want any of them spilling the beans to her ex Brad that she's got someone new in her life." As highlighted here, the website seems to be going back and forth on whether the children actually know she's allegedly dating or not, while simultaneously insisting they're "disappointed" and "heartbroken."

Aside from the wishy-washiness being enough to make your head spin, the bottom line remains the same: HollywoodLies, as it is nicknamed, is claiming to know how the kids are reacting to Jolie dating a realtor, even though the site itself wasn't able to confirm that she is in fact dating and couched the assertion with "reportedly." More importantly, the allegation upon which this reaction story is based is entirely false. Jolie is not dating a real estate agent or anyone else.

Jolie hasn't even been interested in dating since her split from Pitt, as People reported in January, and her stance hasn't changed in the time since then. As other outlets have also confirmed, Jolie has opted to remain single. Obviously, any "source" genuinely "close" to her would know that, which is why it is entirely illogical to claim that such a person is talking about a relationship that doesn't exist. It is also implausible to allege the children are reacting to a romance that doesn't exist.

Lastly, Gossip Cop must add that we've repeatedly been told on background that both Jolie and Pitt strive to keep personal matters involving their children private. As such, no one in their inner circles would actually dish to the gossip media about the kids' feelings. It's shameful HollywoodLies is pretending otherwise.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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