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Is Angelina Jolie really part of a "plot against" Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle? A new tabloid cover story claims she is teaming up with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Gossip Cop, however, can bust the made-up article.

In the wake of Jolie attending a ceremony marking the 200th anniversary of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George, New Idea claims she may "finally" be getting the "royal attention she desperately desires." Contends the outlet, "Camilla is allegedly helping the Hollywood star achieve her ambition." A so-called "palace source" is quoted as saying, "Camilla has welcomed the actress into the royal fold."

And Jolie "couldn't be happier," alleges this supposed snitch, who claims, "Meeting Camilla and having her work so hard to align her with royal causes has been amazing — they've become incredibly close since Ange moved to the UK, and she can't believe how close to the royals she's become." But according to the publication, "There's no denying there's an ulterior motive to having her join the royal fold."

"Many believe this is all part of Camilla's plot to rattle Meghan and Kate, knowing the A-list Hollywood star will cause all sorts of drama and jealousy," contends the tabloid. Alleges the purported tipster, "[Camilla] likes to cause trouble for them, and bringing in Angelina is just another way to ruffle a few feathers." It's further claimed Middleton is "devastated over Camilla and Ange's meetings and really feels like they are betraying her." Curiously, it's not said how Markle is supposedly reacting, or how Jolie feels about being part of this "plot."

The magazine offers no evidence to back up its claims, and fails to mention to readers that Camilla wasn't even at the ceremony Jolie attended. Furthermore, while the outlet features a photo of the two women together on its cover (see above) and presents it as proof of "secret meetings," Getty Images shows that picture is actually from 2014. They have not been seen together in the years since then.

The publication also wrongly leads readers to believe the Oscar winner relocated to the UK because of her supposed royal "ambition," but Jolie and her kids are really there for her to film Maleficent 2. Additionally, the tabloid is also fueling unproven conspiracy theories about the Duchess of Cornwall trying to sabotage her step-daughters-in-law. But Markle has been welcomed into the family, with Camilla even holding hands with her at an event in May. As for Middleton, rumors of ill-will between her and Camilla have never been substantiated.

On top of all that, New Idea has a long history of feeding readers false information about not just Jolie, but also all of these royal family members. Earlier this year, for example, the magazine manufactured a bogus story about Camilla writing a tell-all. And just like the outlet is trying to dupe people with a years-old photo now, the publication pulled a similar stunt back in February when it concocted a phony tale about Jolie being spotted out with Justin Theroux.

Simply put, the tabloid's articles aren't trustworthy, and it hasn't presented anything credible to support this cover story. All signs point to this report being made-up, just like so many of the ones that have come before it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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