Angelina Jolie, Kate Middleton “Friendship” Details Are Made-Up

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Angelina Jolie Kate Middleton Friendship

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Angelina Jolie Kate Middleton Friendship

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A website is peddling a story about Angelina Jolie and Kate Middleton’s friendship. These alleged “details” were cobbled together from another site that copied them from a tabloid. What’s more, Gossip Cop already busted the original article.

Last week, OK! claimed Jolie and Middleton recently had a “secret meeting.” The tabloid wanted readers to believe the actress and the duchess met face to face, but the magazine never said when or where this supposed “catch-up” took place. Still, the outlet maintained the pair spoke about Jolie’s split from Brad Pitt, and alleged Middleton was encouraging her to “take Brad back.” There were a number of flaws in the tale, and a Kensington Palace staffer with whom Gossip Cop spoke actually laughed off the story. That was a marked contrast from when Jolie and Middleton actually did meet for tea in 2015. Following that time together, the palace issued a statement confirming the visit.

Now, though, this purported “secret meeting” was entirely unsubstantiated and clearly made-up. HollywoodLife quickly fell for it, though, and within hours repeated the bogus claims about Jolie “pouring her heart out” to Middleton about Pitt. The blog evidently didn’t care whether the allegations were true or not, and now the same can be said for YourTango. Nearly a week after our debunking, the site is announcing in a headline, “New Details About The Angelina Jolie Kate Middleton Friendship — And Why Her Breakup With Brad Is Bonding Them Together.”

“Apparently now Angie has found a confidant in none other than Kate Middleton,” writes the online publication, which asserts, “They began the close friendship while Jolie was filming. That’s according to a recent report by Us Weekly.” Wait, Us Weekly? As Gossip Cop detailed above, these contentions were first printed by OK!, then regurgitated online by HollywoodLife. In fact, YourTango links its “recent report by Us Weekly” phrase to HollywoodLife. What’s more, all but one of the links in the story are to HollywoodLife, which as Gossip Cop regularly points out, is not a trustworthy website.

To make matters worse, YourTango concludes by claiming, “Brad has been rumored to have a romantic connection to Margot Robbie and an MIT professor[, while] Angelina has been linked to her Maleficent 2 costar Ed Skrein and another suitor whose identity is kept a secret.” Actually, dating stories about Pitt and MIT professor Neri Oxman have been proven wrong, and Gossip Cop has already busted claims about Pitt crushing on Robbie. Additionally, we previously called out this same site for falsely claiming Skrein was Jolie’s “boyfriend.”

That was another example of YourTango taking misinformation from elsewhere. Apparently the site can’t tell fact from fiction. Fortunately, Gossip Cop will keep setting the record straight. So, for the record: Jolie and Middleton do know each other, but they don’t have a close “friendship,” nor did they get together recently to discuss Pitt or anything else. Period.


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