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The cover of one of this week's tabloids claims Angelina Jolie and Justin Theroux went on a secret vacation to Cabo together. The story is completely fabricated. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

According to Life & Style, the stars have been dating for months and recently jetted off to Mexico, where they stayed at Jennifer Aniston's favorite hotel. An alleged insider tells the magazine that Jolie and Theroux "booked the room under 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'" and "had difficulty keeping a straight face as they gave their alias." Of course, Brad Pitt met Jolie on the set of 2005's Mr. & Mrs. Smith while he was still married to Aniston.

The outlet's supposed source goes on to say that Jolie and Theroux "have more in common than Jen and Justin ever did. Angelina is just Justin's type: She's sexy, sophisticated and has a rock 'n' roll streak." The questionable tipster further contends that Aniston "doesn't know about Justin and Angelina, but if she were to find out she'd go absolutely ballistic. Not because she still has feelings for Justin, but more due to the fact that Angelina has already stolen her man once, so for history to repeat itself with Justin would be too much for her to handle."

The seemingly phony source says Jolie initially pursued Theroux to get revenge on Aniston, but "to Angelina's surprise, she's actually fallen for Justin." The "insider" concludes, "They both have developed feelings. They're having a blast sneaking around under the radar."

Life & Style kicked off this narrative back in September when it falsely claimed that Jolie invited Theroux to dinner in New York City under the guise of discussing a film project, but with the ulterior motive of seducing him. As we noted at the time, the magazine never bothered to mention exactly when and where their supposed meal took place. The two were also never photographed together either. Regardless, the actor's spokesperson assured us he never met with the actress.

In October, the tabloid kept the bogus storyline going by insisting that Jolie and Theroux were dating. Once again, a rep qualified to speak on the actor's behalf told Gossip Cop that the romance rumors were completely false.

This latest article about the pair vacationing together in Cabo is also based on claims from an anonymous and untraceable "insider." Theroux's spokesperson, however, is going on the record yet again to confirm that there's no relationship between him and Jolie. The actor's rep calls this latest article flat-out "absurd." A mutual pal of ours and the actress also confirms the report is fabricated, and further tells us, "She's not dating [at all], and is focused on her children."

It's worth noting, the tabloid created a fake image on its cover to make it appear as if the stars were photographed walking with their bags through a jetway. In reality, the image of Theroux wearing a backpack was taken while the actor was strolling alone in New York City in July 2013. The tabloid's ongoing storyline involving Jolie and Theroux has more in common with a fictional soap opera than it does with anything resembling journalism.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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