Angelina Jolie’s Dad NOT Begging She Get Help For Eating Disorder, Despite Report

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Angelina Jolie Jon Voight Eating Disorder

By Andrew Shuster |

Angelina Jolie Jon Voight Eating Disorder

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Angelina Jolie’s dad, Jon Voight, isn’t begging her to get help for an alleged eating disorder, despite a completely inaccurate tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fake news.

Jolie and her father have had a rocky relationship over the years, but the pair recently reunited and were spotted having dinner together in Los Angeles last month. The National Enquirer is now claiming Voight reconnected with his daughter “to stage a life-saving intervention” because she’s supposedly suffering from anorexia as a result of her divorce from Brad Pitt.

A supposed “source close to the family” tells the magazine, “If Jon is involved, it has to be serious. They have been battling for years!” The outlet goes on to purport that “witnesses” at the sushi restaurant where Jolie and her dad ate dinner saw him “begging Angelina to check into a health facility.” The magazine goes on to allege that Voight wants her to get “long-term treatment to battle her eating disorder.” “Angie’s recovery is her dad’s No. 1 concern,” adds the questionable source. “He’s afraid she won’t survive.”

But Gossip Cop checked in with a trustworthy Jolie insider, who exclusively assures us the actress isn’t battling an eating disorder and the tabloid’s claim otherwise is simply “false.” A mutual pal of ours and Voight similarly assures us he hasn’t staged an intervention for his daughter. This is all just more lies from the frequently discredited magazine.

In fact, the Enquirer has repeatedly alleged that the actress is suffering from major health issues. Gossip Cop previously busted the tabloid for wrongly reporting that Jolie was being encouraged to use a feeding tube to get her to eat properly. Shortly before that nonsense, we debunked the publication’s tall tale about Jolie needing to be hospitalized over her weight. These stories were completely bogus, and the same goes for this latest one.

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