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Angelina Jolie is not jealous of Jennifer Aniston's "rising Netflix success," despite a report. Gossip Cop can bust this story. There are significant factual inaccuracies that make the premise quite flawed.

RadarOnline is claiming Jolie is upset to see her "nemesis" supposedly "stealing her Netflix fame." It's alleged Aniston's "upcoming lead role for Netflix's new show, 'First Ladies,' has Jolie gritting her teeth," with the site asserting the project is "the television network's first White House series." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "It's really irked Angelina, who thought she was the Netflix darling after 'First They Killed My Father,' but now she's playing second fiddle to Jen and she's [angry] as hell over it."

The untraceable tipster goes on to contend that Aniston's project "shows that she has more clout in Hollywood when it comes to this stuff" than Jolie. "Angie's misery movies are of more limited appeal to the studio chefs," claims the blog's alleged "source," who apparently doesn't know the difference between "chefs" and "chiefs." The publication also repeats its debunked allegation about Aniston being "ecstatic" to see Jolie "miserable" amid her "divorce drama" with Brad Pitt.

That tale was "rubbish," Aniston's own spokesperson confirmed to Gossip Cop on the record, and it appears this new one is, too. If the website and its "source" were actually knowledgeable, they would know the "Friends" star is not appearing in a "new show" or "series" for the streaming platform. Aniston's First Ladies is actually a comedy film. As far as episodic television goes, Aniston is committed to starring in an Apple drama series, which has nothing to do with Netflix.

That the outlet evidently can't even get these basic facts right indicates that readers shouldn't trust the rest of the claims. In fact, it's also problematic when the "source" alleges Aniston has "more clout in Hollywood" because "Angie's misery movies are of more limited appeal." The Oscar winner is actually currently involved with three significant projects, which are largely family-friendly.

Jolie spent the summer filming Maleficent 2, recently shooting began on her new movie Come Away, and Jolie voices a role in the adaptation of The One and Only Ivan. What's more is that she's a producer on all three movies, and both Maleficent and Ivan are Disney pictures, which show Jolie still has "clout" with top studio chiefs. With all that in mind, why exactly should she be bothered by a film Aniston is making? Just because Aniston is working with Netflix, which previously worked with her and dozens of other stars?

This is now at least the third time the gossip media have tried to set up a career rivalry between Jolie and Aniston tied to Netflix, and at no point have such contentions actually made sense. And this current story, with its factual errors and glaring omissions, makes even less sense when you consider all that Jolie has on her plate right now. On top of her professional obligations, the actress is also co-parenting six children and battling with Pitt over custody arrangements and finances.

Only a day ago, it was even revealed Jolie has opted for a new lawyer, and is "focused on healing her family." The notion that she's spending her time stewing over Aniston is a bit far-fetched. Indeed, our own Jolie confidante tells Gossip Cop on the condition of anonymity that the career of her purported "nemesis" is "not even on her Radar." Presumably, the misguided RadarOnline isn't on her radar, either.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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