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Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston did not have a "face-to-face meeting," despite a tabloid cover story. Though the two women both attended the Golden Globes earlier this month, there wasn't any kind of "showdown" between them. Gossip Cop can debunk this report.

The cover of Heat teases about Jolie and Aniston, "Feud Reaches New Heights." And inside the issue, a headline declares, "Ange & Jen Reignite Feud." It's even alleged they're "battling over a new man" after "finally meeting face to face." All of this is based on a fictionalized version of what went down at the awards show nearly two weeks ago.

"It's the showdown we all wanted to see," writes the British gossip magazine, which claims Jolie and Aniston indicated at the awards show that "there are still issues between them." The outlet contends both women "knew the other would be" at the Netflix after-party and that "there was one man in particular that both actresses had in their sights." That's said to be Ted Sarandos, the chief content officer of the streaming service. "Jen stuck very close to the Netflix guys and made a beeline for [Sarandos]," a so-called "source" claims.

This alleged tipster maintains, "Angelina looked extremely uncomfortable [and] ended up just waiting nearby for her chance to chat with him... When Jen left Ted to talk to somebody else, Ange made a beeline for him." This supposed snitch suspiciously likes to use the word "beeline" a lot. The publication's questionable insider further contends that even though "Jen was surrounded by people," her "focus was noticeably on Ange."

"She kept craning her neck to get a better view of her when she thought no one was looking. It was all rather awkward," alleges the specious "source," who adds, "People were looking at them to see if they would acknowledge each other but they didn't." Wait. If Jolie and Aniston didn't "acknowledge" each other, how exactly did they have a "face-to-face meeting"? They didn't, of course.

Yes, Jolie obviously saw Aniston on stage when she presented during the ceremony and vice versa. And yes, Jolie and Aniston both put in appearances at the Netflix after party. But they didn't "reignite" a feud merely by being at the same place, nor did they even come remotely close to having a "showdown." It seems likely this storyline was crafted simply because Aniston took a photo with Sarandos at the bash. And because Sarandos and Jolie then spent time together days later at the Critics' Choice Awards, the tabloid alleges, "Angelina wasn't going to let Jen have the upper hand when it comes to Ted."

Maintains the magazine, "Although Brangelina are no more, there is still a lot of tension between Jen and Ange." But whenever tension there may or may not be, nothing happened at the Golden Globes to make their supposed feud "reach new heights," and they are most certainly not "battling" over Sarandos. This account of what allegedly went down is entirely made-up. Of course, that's why no reputable outlet has reported anything similar and why sources within both their camps assured Gossip Cop it's untrue.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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