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A site known for making up stories related to hot topics is claiming to know whether Angelina Jolie is "impressed" by Jennifer Aniston's new interview. The article ultimately doesn't deliver on the headline's promise. Gossip Cop can expose this fake news.

"Angelina Jolie: Is She Impressed With Jen Aniston's New Sexy & Candid Interview?" HollywoodLife asks in a headline. The blog is referring to Aniston's September cover story for InStyle, in which she spoke about everything from tabloid rumors to her latest movies to making the world a better place. The article, which was posted online on Wednesday, was a popular topic in the celebrity news world throughout the day, and now the website is very obviously trying to capitalize on the interest in it.

The outlet tries to lure in readers by teasing Jolie's reaction. But in the second paragraph, the publication reveals she can't respond to the interview at all because she supposedly hasn't read it. "Angelina is in no hurry to read Jen's latest interview. She is curious about what Jen is up to, but Angie is too busy to stop her day to read about Brad's ex," a so-called "source" is quoted as saying. Note how this alleged tipster went from referring to Jolie as "Angelina" to Angie" in back-to-back sentences. Real people don't talk that way.

And if Jolie is "too busy" to read the article, why would a "source" close to her take the time to discuss the subject with a gossip site? The unidentifiable snitch goes on to contend she'll "probably come around to reading it eventually," just "because friends keep mentioning it to her, and she usually reads everything." But the purported insider maintains that still, Jolie "is in no rush to read the interview or look at Jen's pictures. Angie has her own, full life with lots of kids to worry about first, so she is in no hurry to catch up with the single life of Jen."

Jolie does have a full life. Since late May, she and her kids have primarily been in London where Jolie is filming Maleficent 2. In addition to balancing those family and work obligations, Jolie also spent a weekend on a humanitarian mission in Mosul. So the notion that Aniston's latest magazine cover story, one of dozens she's done over the years, is even on Jolie's radar is a bit far-fetched. Even more implausible is the idea someone in Jolie's camp would even bother publicly discussing it at all.

This report becomes further problematic when, after recounting some of Aniston's InStyle quotes, the blog editorializes, "It doesn't sounds like Angelina [sic] has to worry about Brad and Jen reuniting now that they're both single, as previous rumors have suggested could happen." Why would Jolie "worry" about that, anyway? She filed for divorce from Pitt nearly two years ago. And as Gossip Cop and others have reported throughout the better part of 2018, a Pitt-Aniston reunion has always been highly unlikely, and such reconciliation rumors remain entirely bogus.

Now let's consider the premise presented in the website's headline. The outlet suggests to readers it knows whether Jolie is "impressed" by Aniston's interview... only to admit in the story that she hasn't read it, which means she can't be impressed or not impressed. The publication has deceptively packaged its narrative in a way where the headline doesn't really match the article, and the claims within it don't even make much sense. What is presented as a real news story is quite obviously a fake one.

The site also purported to know Pitt's reaction to Aniston's interview, and it's apparent HollywoodLife is trying to exploit the topic by manufacturing related stories. The blog has a documented history of doing this. In February for example, when much of the gossip media was fixated on Aniston's breakup from Justin Theroux, the website concocted a bizarre story about the split making Jolie feel "vindicated." The goal, it seems, is to peddled tales about certain celebrities and subjects no matter how flimsy the premise as long as it brings in traffic. That is not how news outlets are supposed to work.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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