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Angelina Jolie did not warn Jennifer Aniston to stay away from Brad Pitt and her six kids, despite a completely fictional tabloid report. As Gossip Cop has repeatedly stressed, Aniston and Pitt aren't back together, and the actress certainly hasn't been spending time with his children. We can debunk this latest nonsense in the ongoing saga.

Aniston recently returned to Los Angeles after spending the summer in Europe filming the Netflix movie Murder Mystery, and according to NW, she received a "nasty phone call" from Jolie upon her arrival. The outlet contends that Aniston has been hanging out with Pitt and his kids in recent weeks, and Jolie "isn't happy about the bonding that's going on."

An alleged insider tells the magazine, "Ange heard that Brad and Jen have spent time with the kids, which is the last thing she wants. She called up Jen and told her to stay away from her family. Ange doesn't want Jen playing stepmom to her children." The questionable source adds that Jolie provoked Aniston by telling her Pitt "doesn't really love her" and is just using her "to get revenge for everything that's happened in their custody battle."

The tabloid further alleges that Jolie told the actress to steer clear of any Emmy Awards parties thrown by Netflix. "If Jen does go, I reckon Ange will try to corner her and give her a piece of her mind," adds the alleged tipster. "Ange hates that everyone still roots for the golden couple Brad and Jen to be together while she's forever painted as the villain. Their ongoing relationship is a huge stumbling block for Ange."

This entire premise is utterly absurd. For starters, reps for both Pitt and Aniston have said on the record several times that the two haven't reunited in any capacity. Meanwhile, "Entertainment Tonight" recently reported that Pitt "has taken a step away from dating because of the importance of his children and also to help mend fences with Angelina." The idea that the actor is not only dating his ex-wife again, but bringing her around his kids amid a custody battle, is simply ludicrous.

The additional claim about Jolie warning the actress to stay away from Netflix's Emmys parties isn't true either. In fact, Aniston attended Netflix's pre-Emmys party on Saturday, and Jolie wasn't in attendance. The cover of the magazine deceptively makes it seems as if Aniston was "cornered at an Emmys party" by Jolie, but the article was written before any events related to the awards show were held. As time has shown, Aniston was the one who attended an event hosted by the streaming service.

There's not a single aspect of NW's cover story that's rooted in reality. But Gossip Cop still checked in with Aniston's spokesperson, who confirms that the report is completely fabricated. Jolie never warned the actress to stay away from Pitt and her kids, as she has nothing to do with any of them.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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