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Fake news about Jennifer Aniston having a baby with Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie being unhappy about it, is duping search engines. Even though these lies have already been debunked, false articles on the subject are still in the top of search results. Gossip Cop can explain what's going on.

On Wednesday, In Touch published a cover story wrongly alleging Aniston and Pitt are planning to have a baby together. According to the article, the former spouses had gotten back together and now wanted to have a child. The report was filled with lies and zero evidence. In fact, there was substantial proof that the narrative was untrue. For example, People had already reported that Aniston and Pitt haven't seen each other in "ages" and are not in "regular contact."

Significantly, we also spoke with the individual reps for Aniston and Pitt in the course of our investigation. A spokesperson for Aniston confirmed to Gossip Cop that the cover story was not only a "total fabrication," but also "completely absurd" given that she and Pitt have not rekindled any kind of romance. Indeed, with the exes still, well, exes, Pitt's own rep told us the storyline was "absolutely ridiculous." Adding to this craziness was the tabloid's assertion that Jolie was "furious" over these nonexistent baby plans. Given that Aniston and Pitt are absolutely not dating, and have no intentions of having a child together, the Jolie angle is based on a false premise and is clearly just as made-up as the rest of the nonsense.

At issue now is that two days later, search engines are promoting the fiction instead of the facts. When searching "brad pitt" on one popular search engine, one of the prominent results includes the original, busted article about Pitt and Aniston having a baby. And when searching "jennifer aniston" on another commonly used search engine, the "Top Stories" displayed include a new In Touch article posted on Friday in which the magazine merely repeats its already debunked contentions, albeit with a new headline. (See screengrabs below.) The outlet doesn't have any new information to support its claims and in no way shows that its phony allegations are correct.

Yet it seems that simply because this new piece was posted online recently, it is being given prominence in search results, even though the assertions within it have already been disputed. Consequently, fans who are looking for real and true news about these stars are instead seeing something that is fake and untrue. That the claims have already been debunked through reputable, on-the-record and transparent sourcing doesn't seem to matter. But when internet users rely on these search engines to provide relevant content, the results should be credible and trustworthy.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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