Angelina Jolie “Ignores” Untrue Dating Stories

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Angelina Jolie Dating

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Angelina Jolie Dating

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Angelina Jolie “ignores” all the untrue dating stories about her in the tabloids, a source close to the actress shares with Gossip Cop. We’re told she sees them occasionally, but pays no attention to them at all. The manufactured reports about her having a different boyfriend every few weeks “don’t upset” her, adds our insider, but she wishes the celebrity magazines didn’t make up these phony tales about her since her kids can also read the headlines when they’re out shopping.

According to our tipster, Jolie sees these made-up articles “invariably while she and the kids are out in stores,” but she “ignores” them at the checkout, and she’s told the children to not even give them a second thought. Gossip Cop hears the kids have been shielded from many of the fictitious tales, for the most part, but when they’ve been bombarded by inaccurate boyfriend stories on the covers of tabloids, Jolie has done a good job to assure them “they know the truth” and that the “[magazines] have no clue.” And there have been many false dating claims about the actress that Gossip Cop has debunked.

Ever since Jolie and Pitt split up in September 2016, there have been an onslaught of incorrect reports about the Oscar-winner’s private life. She’s been wrongly linked romantically to Johnny Depp, Nicholas Hoult, Sean Penn, Jared Leto, Richard Madden and a number of unnamed other men. However, Gossip Cop has been repeatedly told by the actress’s camp that her focus is on her kids and career and not on dating.

Still, virtually every week there’s a concocted claim about her having a new boyfriend. Even if one limits them to 2019, there are dozens upon dozens of bogus reports. The new year kicked off with an absurd Star cover story that asserted Jolie was stealing David Beckham from his wife Victoria. That piece was a complete lie, as was a front page article from Life & Style later in the month that Gossip Cop busted about Jolie dating Justin Theroux and introducing him to her kids in Paris.

With no explanation as to what happened to it fabricated narrative involving Theroux (whose rep denied a romance), two months later the very same publication ran another cover story that insisted Jolie was marrying a British billionaire in France. Curiously, the often discredited tabloid had no details, such as the alleged groom’s name, age, occupation, or any description about his physical appearance. And just a month later, Gossip Cop exposed its sister outlet, OK!, when its wrongly maintained Jolie was secretly dating Colin Farrell, her co-star from the 2004 film Alexander.

Each of those (and many more) articles that Jolie and her children could easily spot while shopping were lies. And while it’s good to hear that Jolie “ignores” them, and doesn’t allow those falsehoods to upset her, it’s perhaps even better that her children have also learned to disregard them because they too “know the truth.” Maybe if consumers also began to ignore the tabloids, these magazines would stop printing so many fabrications about Jolie and others.


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