Angelina Jolie NOT On “Hunger Strike,” Despite Report

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Angelina Jolie Hunger Strike

By Shari Weiss |

Angelina Jolie Hunger Strike

(National Enquirer)

Angelina Jolie is NOT on a “hunger strike,” nor is she on the verge of dying, despite yet another disturbing cover story from the National Enquirer. Once again, Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the unfounded report.

The supermarket tabloid’s new cover announces, “76 Lbs. Dying Angie’s Hunger Strike!” The headline inside the edition is just as dramatic, and maybe more so. It declares, “Hunger Strike Shocker: Feeding Tube Horror For Angie!” It’s further asserted, “Deranged Oscar winner down to 76 lbs. and dancing with death!”

“Skeletal and near death, Angelina Jolie could survive only by having liquid food suctioned through a tube snaked into her nose — and then stuffed down her stomach,” asserts the magazine, which claims, “The unhinged and emaciated actress may be forced by handlers — and a private 24/7 physician — to succumb to the bizarre treatment after her weight plummeted below 76 pounds and she suffered a catastrophic collapse.”

But what the sensational publication deems a “collapse” is actually Jolie filming a stunt years ago for the movie Wanted. This was not a new “collapse” or anything health-related. Still, a so-called “frightened insider” is quoted as saying, “Angie is so distraught over her breakup with Brad [Pitt] and the terrible public image she’s gotten as a result, she’s absolutely refused to eat!”

“The brutal divorce has pushed her to the edge,” continues the supposed source. “Now aides are insisting that she use the feeding tube to keep her from doing any further damage to her already fragile health!” The story goes on to allege that Jolie regularly engaged in these “hunger strikes” during her marriage to Pitt, but has now taken them to a new, worse level.

But it’s really the National Enquirer that has gotten even worse. We’ve been down this road before many times before, most recently just a month ago, with a cover story making it seem like Jolie was hospitalized. Before that was a number of similar tales about Jolie’s weight and the actress supposedly being on the brink of dying (see below).

This is basically a manufactured storyline the unscrupulous publication returns to again and again, adding a new twist each time. And here it’s a hunger strike and feeding tube. Notwithstanding, Gossip Cop checked in with a Jolie insider, who exclusively assures us that the actress weighs well above 76 pounds and has witnessed her eating several healthy meals.


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