Angelina Jolie Hospitalized For Her Weight?

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Angelina Jolie Weight

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Angelina Jolie Weight

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Angelina Jolie was not “hospitalized” for her weight, despite a report from exactly one year ago today. Gossip Cop corrected the falsehood 12 months ago, and time has again proven us correct. Shockingly, even though the tabloid was busted for its phony narrative, it continued in the intervening months to publish several more untrue tales about Jolie’s weight and health.

On November 15, 2017, Star maintained Jolie had been recently “hospitalized,” as a result from the stress from her divorce from Brad Pitt causing her weight to plummet. The tabloid contended, with her custody battle and the daily obligations of parenting six kids, the actress barely ate and rarely took care of herself. A supposed “source” asserted to the magazine that Jolie was routinely “lightheaded” and on the “verge of passing out.”

It got so bad, alleged the celebrity weekly’s tipster, Pitt intervened. According to its purported insider, Pitt urged his estranged wife to eat, if nothing else for their children’s sake. “Everyone,” added the anonymous and untraceable source, was “concerned” about Jolie being just 82 pounds. But, as Gossip Cop noted 365 days ago, despite the publication’s claim that Jolie had been “hospitalized,” there was no details about when and where she was allegedly treated or proof that it ever happened.

At the time, a Jolie confidante assured Gossip Cop it was not true. Our impeccable source acknowledged the movie star was thin like several other Hollywood actresses, but swore up and down Jolie was not “wasting away” and “hospitalized” for her weight, which has not really fluctuated in a number of years. Significantly, no legitimate news outlets reported at the time (or since then) that the Oscar-winner was taken to a medical facility for her weight.

In the year since that story, Star has printed several more bogus articles about the actress’ weight and health. Just three weeks later, Gossip Cop busted the magazine when it inaccurately alleged on its cover that Jolie weighed less than her then 11-year-old daughter Shiloh. In that untrue tale, which recycled several quotes from the “hospitalized” report, the actress’s weight went down to 78 pounds.

In August 2018, Gossip Cop corrected the outlet again after it published another cover story that wrongly asserted Jolie’s custody battle with Pitt had left her “anorexic” and just 76 pounds. Not only was the premise about the actress “dying” untrue then, but so too was an article last month that similarly and falsely maintained Jolie’s custody fight with Pitt had left her weight and health “hanging by a thread.” That report, which alleged the actress was “starving herself,” pegged her at just 73 pounds.

So, Jolie was supposedly “hospitalized” a year ago at 82 pounds, but after allegedly dropping another 10 percent of her body weight, she was still traveling around the world shooting movies like Malificent 2 and doing humanitarian work? Just three weeks ago, Jolie flew to Lima in her role as a UNHCR special envoy to talk to government officials in Peru about displaced Venezuelans. And shortly before that, a seemingly fit Jolie was pictured taking a Labor Day hike with her kids in the Hollywood Hills. And days after that, there were photos of Jolie getting ice cream with her son Pax.

It’s true Jolie has been in the midst of a stressful custody case with Pitt for a long time. But she isn’t “anorexic” or “dying,” nor was she ever “hospitalized” in the past year for her weight. As we’ve noted before, Gossip Cop occasionally looks back at articles from a year ago so readers can see how the tabloids sometimes publish fiction while we stick strictly to the facts.


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