Angelina Jolie NOT “Hiding Out” At Bel Air Hotel With Kids, Despite Report

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Angelina Jolie hiding out hotel

By Michael Lewittes |

Angelina Jolie hiding out hotel

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Angelina Jolie is NOT “hiding out” with her kids at a Bel Air hotel during her custody battle with Brad Pitt, despite a made-up report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fabrication. We’re told the entire story is untrue.

According to the serial manufacturers at HollywoodLife, Jolie has been “hiding out” at a five-star hotel with her kids in an effort to “avoid the spotlight as their custody battle continues.” A seemingly concocted “source” tells the woefully ill-informed site, “Angelina has been hiding out here at the Bel Air Hotel with her children.” “She appreciates the privacy the secluded hotel provides her and her family,” adds the alleged “source.”

Of course, the webloid doesn’t explain why Jolie is supposedly “hiding out” at the hotel or how it actually relates to the custody battle. It could be because the entire story was fabricated, and HollywoodLies didn’t think through its untrue tale. The site also didn’t fact-check the hotel’s real name, which is “Hotel Bel-Air” and not “Bel Air Hotel.” Regardless, a source close to Jolie exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the actress and her six kids “only rarely go to a hotel,” and it’s “for a little R&R (not for hiding out).” Our impeccable insider explains, “They have a rental home where they have been living since the separation.”

To say that HollywoodLife has made-up a few fake news stories about Jolie and Pitt is an understatement. Remember, this is the same repeatedly discredited site that Gossip Cop exposed for falsely alleging Jolie was rethinking her divorce from Pitt. It’s also the same untrustworthy outlet that came up with the untrue claim that Jolie and Johnny Depp were hooking up. Much like those lies and other wrong articles, the current one about Jolie “hiding out” at the Hotel Bel-Air is also off-base.

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Angelina Jolie is hiding out at the Bel Air Hotel with her kids.

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