Angelina Jolie Using “Higher Power” To “Heal Rift” With Brad Pitt?

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Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt

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Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt

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Did Angelina Jolie use a “higher power” to “heal her rift” with Brad Pitt? One year ago today Gossip Cop busted that claim from one of the tabloids, and it’s clear 365 days later it wasn’t true then and it’s even more false now. As we’ve reported since shortly after Jolie filed for divorce in 2016, Pitt has had no intention of reconciling with the actress, with whom he share six kids.

On September 16, 2017, Star wrongly reported that Jolie was “turning to a higher power” to “heal her rift” with Pitt. According to the outlandish story, Jolie was going to the “dark side” to reunite with Pitt, and was even employing “bizarre spiritual rituals” to straighten out her life and get Pitt back. The magazine went on to claim the Oscar-winner was “practicing haunting spiritual rituals” she learned when she was younger to remove “the resentful energy between her and Brad.”

The tabloid then quoted a so-called “insider” as saying, “Angie’s into magic spells… They may have even helped her to reunite with Brad.” The exes “already decided to make a fresh start,” added the misinformed or more likely manufactured source. The phony source further contended Jolie “encouraged Brad to participate” in these healing rituals that included burning sage. But it was actually the outlet’s story that went up in smoke.

As Gossip Cop rightly noted 12 months ago, even “magic spells” or “turning to a higher power” couldn’t help the magazine since its entire story was phony. Far from healing the rift with her estranged husband, Jolie and Pitt have more bitterly battled over custody of their children over the course of the past year. As widely reported, a judge expressed how Jolie could lose primary custody of their kids if she continued to deny Pitt access to them. The custody war amped up more between Jolie and Pitt last month when she claimed he failed to make “meaningful” child support payments and his side shot back that contrary to her portrayal, it was he who wanted to have the divorce finalized quickly.

Suffice to say, Star was not entirely reliable with its reporting about Pitt and Jolie before its article about her using “magic spells” or since then. Two months before the publication falsely asserted the actress was turning to the “dark side” to get back together with Pitt, it actually claimed Jolie was having a baby with a “secret lover.” A full 14 months has passed and obviously that report was a total fabrication.

And just four months ago, the same tabloid did a cover story that also wrongly contended Pitt had gotten a “secret lover” pregnant. As we reported then, a rep for the actor called the claim untrue, and naturally no legitimate outlets have published that falsehood. There were no “secret” lovers for either of the stars, and it’s no secret a year after its initial article that Jolie never turned to a higher power” to “heal her rift” with Pitt.


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