A story claiming Angelina Jolie is granting Brad Pitt "only 4 hours" to see their kids on Christmas is 100 percent fake news. And wait until Gossip Cop explains why. It's a doozy.

CafeMom contends it's "going to be one interesting holiday" because while Jolie is "allowing" Pitt to visit with their kids, "the catch, however, is that the celeb dad allegedly only has four hours to spend time with their six children." The site quotes a purported "source" who supposedly told the Daily Star, "[Angelina] doesn't have the heart to refuse to let him see the children over the holidays and they would probably never forgive her if she did."

"But Brad is going to have to use every ounce of his acting skill when he arrives with their presents and put on a brave face to mask the torment he's going through over spending so little time with them," claims this alleged tipster cited by the outlet, adding, "He's dreading how hard it will be for him to leave them again after four hours."

But while the site names the British tabloid as the origin of these allegations, it actually links to an MSN article that was supplied to the web giant by International Business Times. IBT did run these same claims and sourced them to the Daily Star. But what CafeMom apparently failed to realize is that these assertions are from last year. The story on MSN's website, the one to which it links, is dated 19/12/2016 (see screengrab below). In other words, it's from December 19, 2016, almost exactly a year ago. The suspect claims went from the Daily Star to IBT to MSN in December 2016 and inexplicably ended up being promoted on CafeMom now in December 2017.

It is bad enough that the site is regurgitating these contentions without any fact-checking or further investigation. But it is absolutely inexcusable that it is peddling supposed information about Christmas 2016 as if it's new information about Christmas 2017. This isn't news; it's the epitome of fake news. As it turns out, Pitt did visit with his kids over the Christmas holiday last year. But as Gossip Cop has said multiple times recently, nothing legitimate has been revealed about the family's plans this year. If and when that changes, we'll have the accurate information.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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