Angelina Jolie “Google Alert” On Brad Pitt Is Fake News

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Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Google Alert

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Google Alert

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Angelina Jolie does not use Google alerts to keep up to date on Brad Pitt’s every move, despite a ridiculous webloid report that Gossip Cop debunked, but was still picked up and falsely spread by other outlets. This is yet another example of the fake news epidemic that’s conning both readers and search engines.

Gossip Cop busted HollywoodLife on Sunday for wrongly reporting that Jolie was dragging out her divorce from Pitt so she could maintain control over him. One of the actress’s supposed methods of having power over her estranged husband is to “keep tabs” on him by having his name in her Google alerts, a service that sends emails to a user when it finds new results on a particular subject. The program does this by scanning every web page and social media platform on the internet, so if Jolie really did have an alert on her famous ex’s name, she would be inundated with non-stop notifications all day.

In addition to the impracticality of Jolie using the service, she simply doesn’t need it. The actress shares six children with her estranged husband and can reach him anytime it’s necessary. Regardless, Gossip Cop was told by a reliable source close to the actress that the webloid’s entire report is absurd.

Unfortunately, websites such as Ace Showbiz, Hindustan Times and Pinkvilla reported HollywoodLife’s phony story without bothering to do any fact-checking. As a result, all three outlets pop up when one types keywords such as Jolie and Pitt’s names into a search engine, and these sites are subsequently rewarded with traffic for publishing lies.

The top result after googling Pitt or Jolie’s name, both separately and together, is a Hindustan Times article blaring the headline, “Weird! Angelina Jolie has Google alert on Brad Pitt’s name.” It’s not weird, it’s untrue. What’s weird is that so many outlets continue to carelessly spread this kind of fake news.

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