Angelina Jolie NOT “Getting Married Already” To “Wealthy Brit,” Despite Report

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Angelina Jolie Getting Married

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Angelina Jolie Getting Married

(In Touch)

Angelina Jolie is not “getting married already” to a “wealthy Brit,” despite a seemingly fabricated tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can debunk the completely untrue report. We’re told the claim is made-up.

The cover of the new issue of In Touch blares, “Angelina Shocker: Getting Married Already!” Inside the edition, the magazine alleges, “Less than seven months after their split, Angelina Jolie shocks Brad Pitt with the news that she’s moving on with a new man.” And not just moving on, contends the publication. Rather, it asserts Jolie is tying the knot.

“Angelina’s getting married,” a so-called “family friend” tells the tabloid, which maintains the groom is a “wealthy, 40-something Brit.” The supposed pal further describes the unnamed guy as a “philanthropist business man,” and says the purported romance was “shielded” from the public “by her closest friends.” In fact, it’s even alleged that Jolie and Pitt’s kids “haven’t met her new man” yet, even though readers are supposed to believe there’s a marriage in the works.

Although the gossip magazine’s source says Pitt was “knocked for a loop” when he found out, it also contradictorily claims he “isn’t surprised Angie is moving on.” Irrespective of Pitt’s feelings, the outlet contends Jolie is “trying to speed up the divorce so she can tie the knot as quickly as possible.” “A quickie wedding would be the ultimate payback,” adds the “family friend.”

Suspiciously, the “husband-to-be” sounds a lot like the made-up “wealthy philanthropist” from a Star story last fall. In that article, the man was described as a “billionaire” with whom Jolie supposedly cheated on Pitt and was still dating. Gossip Cop confirmed at the time the claim was “false,” and that there was no third party involved in her and Pitt’s split. And that’s still the case today.

“It’s beyond ridiculous,” one source now tells Gossip Cop about the new In Touch cover story. We’re assured Jolie isn’t involved in a new romance, let alone planning to wed. It seems the publication thinks readers will fall for the allegations because Jolie has a history of moving on quickly after her previous two marriages. But that’s not the case this time around, particularly with six children involved.

We would also be remiss if we didn’t point out that this tabloid has a proven history of making assumptions and trying to mislead its readers. In February, for instance, Gossip Cop busted a deceptive cover story that wrongly implied Pitt had “won custody” from Jolie as part of a “secret settlement.” Of course, no such settlement existed, and this new issue even acknowledges the custody issues between them continue.